It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone ought to know the wonders of fast food.

While truer still that there’s not much to be desired in a dish chock-full of unwanted calories, sugar, and saltbasically a heart attack, diabetes, and/or kidney problems on a platethere is just something about dripping grease that makes one wax poetic.

That said, there’s no wonder that thousands have caught on and decided to profit from it. For all you who’ve yet to join the bandwagon and start up a thriving business, you might be interested in these Free Logo Designs!

Vector Fast Food Logos

Vector Fastfood Logo


Fast Food Menu Icons

Fast food menu icons


Flat Fast Food Logos

Flat Fast Food Logo


Not So Fast After All

Food being the most basic of all necessities, it is easy to know why plenty have taken on a venture in the food service industry. There is always a market for your product; you won’t ever run out of customers. But why do so many not last long in the business or are barely keeping theirs afloat? It could be a number of different things:

  • Startup costs. There are those who upon realizing how much has to be spent initially, become discouraged and chicken out. Granted, it is a lot of money though. You have to think about supplies/ingredients, equipment and their useful lives, rent, marketing, etc.
  • Competition. If you’re thinking about setting up shop as a burger joint, then you’re in for some scrutiny. I mean, how many other burger joints are there in your street or within the next five blocks?
  • Brand establishment. This is the whole point of marketing (mentioned in the first bullet)—to put your mark in the industry, make your business a name brand. Then again, how can you when you also have to deal with the first two mentioned above?

But perhaps with these free fast Food Logo Designs, we can help take a few things off your plate (pun intended).

Vintage Fast Food Logos

Vintage Fast Food Logo

Fast Food Outline Logo

Fast Food Outline Logo


Creative Fast Food Logo

Creative Fast Food Logo

Fast Food Restaurant Logo

Fast Food Restaurants Logo

Just Like That

Like how convenient typical fast-food fare is, our selection of downloadable fast food logo designs are as well!

  • Cost-effective. Fast food doesn’t exactly cost you a pretty penny; it won’t set you back like a filet mignon would. But we take it a notch higher and give you our collection of logo designs for free. Then you may do with them as you please.
  • Customizable. Like some of the fancier joints out there, where you can pick the toppings and the condiments you want, these logo designs are virtually the same. They are editable PSD files so that you can add in the name of your business, preferably with an equally snazzy font.
  • Cool. Fast food is cool. Like these logo designs. Period.
  • Collected. The emergence and almost immediate popularity of the different fast food chains we see today, like kebabs and shawarma, have brought in a wide variety of choices. And as plain as day, you can see variety in our logo designs as well. (Of course, if burgers are more your speed, you can check these Burger Logo Designs out instead.)

But like your mom or your well-meaning yet overly nosy next-door neighbor, we want your business to succeed. Hopefully, it’ll take off as fast as you can say “fried chicken”!

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