Label designing has always been a highly creative process that cannot be defined by a strict set of rules. However, the designer has to keep in mind that they meet a variety of marketing needs mostly providing necessary information about the content of the package. As such, the label design will vary between products and industries. You can get creative with colors, images, fonts, and even the material of the label. Well, here are some designs that you got to check out!

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Wine Label Designs

The first thing that you notice about a wine label is the degree of authenticity it inspires. Apart from the product logo, the label also incorporates product information including ingredients, details of manufacturing and others.

Colorful Wine Labels

Wedding Wine Label

Free Label Designs

As a general rule of thumb, product labels should be able to present a wide range of information in a very small space, yet be highly readable. Well, here’s a format to follow.

Free Retro Labels

Free Colored Labels

Food Label Designs

As with wine labels, an important part of food labeling goes into describing the constituents and giving details about the manufacturing and expiry. These would be the most prominent things that a potential customer would be searching for.

Organic Food Label

Bottle Label Designs

Success lies in the color, bordering, graphics and the format of content. Bottle labeling is such that the whole label won’t be visible at the same time. As such, the design should make the onlooker curious at every step.

PSD Bottle Label Design

Water Bottle Label

Beer Label Designs

When catering to beer drinkers, the label is mostly about inspiring an ambiance. Most part goes into highlighting the brand name and this is done carefully though a strategic formatting.

Beer Label Pack

Vector Beer Label Design

Return Address Label Designs

The main aim of a return address label is to ensure that the package is safely and smoothly sent back to the sender. As such, most of the space needs to be dedicated to the address line while the rest of the label might mark the details of the courier.

Modern Return Address Label

Wedding Return Address Label

Gift Label Designs

By common distinction, gift labels need to be colorful and inspire a mood of celebration and fun. They can come in a range of illustration and/or textures/patterns. The overall idea here is to inspire awe and surprise.

Set Of Gift Labels

Printable Gift Labels

Holiday Label Designs

Commonly seen in travel products and post cards, holiday labels should inspire the mood of vacation and a fresh breath of energy. Consequently, the use of bright bold colors and an essence of luxury is the prime motive of the design.

Vector Happy Holiday Label

Luggage Label Designs

Labels in luggage aim to make the travel more convenient. They serve two specific purposes – first of highlighting the mood of travel and secondly identify the owner with his/her address and contact details.

Collection of Luggage Labels

Vintage Luggage Label

Product Label Designs

Product labels will again be largely inspired by the type of content and the personality of the brand. They need to be colorful to attract the attention of the potential customer and also offer all necessary information required of it.

Natural Product Labels

Halal Product Labels

Printable Label Designs

This is perfect if you are coming up with a small scale business and need to mark your products with a consistent labeling. The labels are highly customizable and meet the design needs that evoke curiosity.

Printable Special Offer Labels

Collection of Printable  Labels

Wedding Label Designs

Weddings are events that go on to become one of the most important days in the life of two people. Wedding labels should thus inspire a mood of celebration rejoicing and fun. They come colorful and highly decorated.

Simple Wedding Label

Wedding Floral Label Design

Vintage Label Designs

If you are looking for label designs that will help your product identify itself with the past days of glory, here’s a way to go about it. It’s not just about the design but also the colors and patterns integrated into the texture.

Collection of Vintage Labels

Abstract Vintage Labels

CD Label Design

CD Labels aim to highlight the product constituted. If it’s a CD for a musical album, the design is mostly about the album cover and the details of the song. Similarly for a general CD, the cover is replaced by the product name/details.

Simple CD Label Design

PSD CD Label Design

Supplement Label Designs

Supplement label designs should be bold, highly representative and easily readable. The highlight should be about the use of the product and this could be done through illustration, graphics and/or textual content.

Printable Supplement Labels

Simple Supplement Label

Coffee Label Designs

Coffee represents new energy, vigor and the freshness to be able to get back to work. As such, the label should be equally representative and apart from a being fresh, it should also hint on the quality of the product.

Simple Coffee Label Designs

Original Coffee Labels

Shipping Label Designs

Shipping labels are meant to be highly informative and aren’t targeted to promote choice. They should be clear and offer more space to the details of the shipping than any other secondary information.

Lazer Roll  Shipping Labels



Simple Shipping Label

Honey Label Designs

Here, the idea is about boasting about the purity of the product. The label design will consequently be inspired by nature and the healthy purpose of the product.

Simple Honey Label Designs

Vector Label Designs

Vector labels ensure that they can be put into application on any kind of packages. Just customize for dimensions and the high-resolution vector can be blown up without any loss in quality.

Simple Vector Labels

Colorful Vector Labels

Soap Label Designs

Apart from highlighting the important qualities of the products, soap labels in general should be about freshness and vitality. Consequently, they need to be colorful but this can differ according to demographics you are targeting.

Natural Soap Labels

Colorful Soap Labels

Fashion Label Designs

Fashion labels inspire luxury, color, and a satisfying lifestyle. They need to be integrated with creative illustrations and colors and graphics that represent the personality of the product line while inspiring buyers.

Fashion Clothing Labels

Fashion Vector Label Designs

Christmas Label Designs

Any Christmas label is about creating a mood and ambiance of celebration. The visual should be colorful, joyous and bring in surprises. Depending on the product the label is attached to, a lot of creativity can be brought in.

Retro Style Christmas Labels

Elegant Christmas Label Design

All above designs are offered as free label templates that can be completely customize for your specific use. However, you can also use them as an inspiration for your unique product labeling. Label design ideas are all about creativity and thinking out of the box while sticking to certain formats.

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