Are you tasked to promote an event for Breast Cancer Awareness or some kind of Pink Floyd appreciation day that’s merely months away? You have to have the flyers, the social media buzz, and the merch in place; and you have just two weeks left ’til your launch date. As if that’s not enough to get you into a downward spiral, you still haven’t even started on the logo design. Well, don’t panic just yet!

With this collection of 9+ beautiful pink logo designs, you can save up on time (and sanity) and get things done well. These Free Logos are varied editable vectors available for download in AI Illustrator, EPS, PSD, etc. formats. Go ahead and see for yourself!

Pink Ribbon Logo

Pink Dolphin Logo

Pink Floyd Logo


The Deal with Pink Logo Designs

Company Logos are key in marketing a brand: they give the company an identity, one that potential customers and clients will associate the said brand with in the long run, eventually making it a household name. While it is true that the products and services and their quality ought to have more weight than everything else, still, no one will go for them if no one knows of them.

But with the variety of designs in our collection of beautiful pink logo designs, you won’t have to worry about that. These pink logo vectors can be customized and resized however you want, and you don’t even have to worry about ruining the image quality!

  • Minimalist and symbolic

“Abstract Pink Logo” takes advantage of basic, precise shapes and a bold fuchsia pink. This could make for a great clothing brand targeting those who like the girly rocker or girly goth style.

  • Lettered with words

Sometimes words just suffice and do a better job of painting a picture, and “Pink Floyd Logo” hits that nail on the head.

  • Unusual

Don’t think you don’t get a couple or more of quirky ones here. Take “Pink Dolphin Logo” however you want to—perhaps a jewelry store where you can have your gems custom cut to any shape you want?

Pink Vector Logo

Pink Superman Logo

Pink Love Logo

Pink Paw Logo


Pink Logo Designs for All

At this point, though there’s not really a prevailing theme (other than the color) in this collection of pink logo designs, you probably already have some ideas on how you’ll use these pink vectors. But if you haven’t yet, here are some suggestions:

  • Sweets and pastries shop

There’s been a trend with cupcake shops and sweets shops: pink and brown color palette and a cute bow. With “Pink Ribbon Logo,” you can tell your potential (regular) customers that your treats are the best present to give!

  • Dating site/app

Or a dating consultation service. Whatever the case, if it has to do with getting people out there in search of their match, “Pink Love Logo” can do the trick.

  • Animal shelter

Other than the eyesore of the grammatical error in the slogan (hint: there has to be an apostrophe, dang it!), “Pink Paw Logo” will be perfect for those giving temporary homes to stray pups and kitties.

  • Marketing/advertising firm

The design of “Pink Vector Logo” comes off rather vague, but because of it, it’s also quite versatile. If you’re an advertising firm, a software company, a graphic design specialist, a publicist, a publisher, you will find use for the logo.


So yeah, don’t forget to download! Or check out these Mandala Logos for the heck of it.

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