Starting up an educational institution requires a lot of investment of different kinds of resources: financial (of course); human (the right kind of people—experienced ones—to form the faculty, admin/human resources/accounting staff, etc.); time; effort; emotions (the more you put in to something, the more attached you become). Then there’s still the matter of curriculum and the whole accreditation business.

With so many things to tend to, it’s hard to see to every minute detail like the school logo. But with our collection of Modern Flat Logos, you can “window-shop” for one! If you wanna up the ante a bit and edit them, you can because they come in Editable PSD, AI, Vector EPS formats.

School Education Logos

School Education Logo

Back to School Logos

Back to School Logo


Art School Logo

School Art Logo

Logo Variations

With something that you can’t really have too much creative freedom with such as a school logo, it’s easy to get quite repetitive with its look. You look around or check the internet for various school logos, and you can see that there are recurring elements. (Same story with Corporate Logos as well.) In our collection of editable school logo designs, you still see some of those repeating themes and elements, but you get quite a variety in the mix.

  • Symbolism is everything

Speaking of recurring elements, the perfect examples are laurel wreaths, open books, and shields—the first two being popular symbols of knowledge and the third perhaps meaning to tell us that education is our most important weapon (armor). You can see a number of these in “School Education Logos,” “College School Logos,” and “Pre-School Logo.”

  • Colorful logo, colorful learning

Official logos typically go for a minimalist color palette, sticking to two or three colors. However, the opposite is true in “Play School Logo,” and it’s easy to see why. The colors depict playfulness, a message to those seeking prospective schools for their kids that learning can be fun, that the environment their kids will be in is something they will enjoy.

  • Artsy fartsy

Then you have “Art School Logo,” which definitely does live up to its label.

School Badge Logos

School Badges Logo

Pen School Logo

Pen School Logo

College School Logos

College School Logos

Old School Logos

Old School Logos

Play School Logo

Play School Logo

Let’s Go with these Logos!

While it’s quite clear in this article—even in the title itself—what these logos can be used for, there’s actually no limit to them if you really put your mind to it. You can use them as follows:

  • School logo designs

Whether you’re looking for College Logo Designs, high school logo designs, middle school, elementary school, preschool—whatever educational institution, really—you can definitely use any one of these for inspiration or as a sort of template. All you have to do is download and edit as you see fit.

  • Study center logo designs

Now, if you’re more on the tutoring service business, you can use something like “School Logo Vector” instead.

  • Quirky quotes

Then you have a little number like “Back to School Logos.” You can use these as witty attachments to back-to-school announcements before the beginning of a new academic year or after the winter break. You never know. Some students might really appreciate them.


So you have your options and a few suggestions for use. Now we leave you to take care of the fun part: window-shopping, finding something cute, deliberating on taking one or a few, internally arguing with yourself, resolving to get one, and actually downloading.

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