Are you a religious person? Are you the kind of person who believes that in an animal there is virility and strength when it is used as a symbol. Are you a fan of Syrian and Babylonian history, in which the bull was known as a prized fighting animal. If you are and you are a member of a branding department in your company, then these new logos of “Amazing Bull Designs” will suit your campaign quite well.

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Mad Bull Logo

Black Bull Logo

Bull Head Logo


Golden Bull Logo

Charge Your Way to Success

  • Seeing Red

Traditionally, bulls are thought to become enraged when they see the color red. See “Mad Bull Logo.” In reality, when they charge at a turero’s swinging cape, it is the motion that the latter is making that triggers the bull to rush forward in an attack.

  • Life-or-Death Sport

The bull is the male counterpart of a cow. In countries that practice the Spanish culture, these magnificent beasts are employed to perform in a to-the-death showdown known as bullfighting. The demise for such an animal has always been long and painful. Yes, we’re looking at you, Ernest Hemingway!

  • The Calf as an Idol

For everyone who remembered their Sunday school. The Old Testament itself contained a story that involved a bull, specifically a young one made of gold. This was molded by Aaron, Moses’ right hand,p in a fit of despair and panic. If you want to know what it might have looked like, check out the “Golden Bull Logo.”

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Fire Bull Logo

Bull Logo for Company


Bull Riding Logo

Take Advantage of These Logos

  • Are you a member of a distinguished gentleman’s club? Enjoying weekend cocktails but the absence of an identifying brand mark has left your evening shindigs a bit abysmal. Download a logo that showcases strength, so that you and your pub mates can go beyond the drinking spree!
  • Are you the athletic adviser for a local sports team? Has your spirit been dampened because the school mascot is a yellow-bellied critter! Pick one of these logos! Initiate the reboot of your sports campaign. Let a massive bull be the new mascot and parade the qualities of the bull as your team concept. Prepare to wear red as it will be the only color emblazoned from now on on your banners and uniforms. Charge!
  • Are you sponsoring a unique sporting and culture events? A dragon boat competition? A grueling triathlon? Be it an event that is held in land, water, or air, make use of any of our logos. Have a slogan underneath the logo. The choices we gave you here are limitless. Use it for a live music event or even a wine tasting event.

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