Who isn’t fitness conscious these days? With so much of hype and talk surrounding fitness now, there’s very ‘slim’ probability that a person is not inclined to maintaining his fitness. Adding more ‘weight and muscle’ to the fitness endorsement is the increasing number of healthcare icons & fitness-related websites and applications. Every other day a brand-new fitness portal or app gets introduced.

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As the world becomes more touch-screen friendly, it means you just have to tap on an icon to get your favorite website or app to open. Same is the case with fitness icons. Thanks to the Internet and apps boom, fitness apps and web designers are having a field day coming up with new and better fitness-centric websites and apps every day.

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Taking cue from this latest new emergence, we are sharing with you stylish freebies in the form of fitness icons.‘Fitness’ is a very broad-based term. It need not just signify you going to the gym, working out daily. There are people who see ‘fitness’ to be a sporty endeavor too.

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Fitness Outline Icons

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They take part in sports to maintain fitness. There are diverse kinds of fitness websites and apps doing rounds, even their respective icons are reflective of the same. We have lined up some very interesting colorful and dynamic fitness icons which you could freely for your online fitness venture.

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Fitness Icons On Circular Colored Buttons

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Flat Fitness Exercising Icons

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Check them out and download them for free in PSD, .png, .svg, .eps formats and utilize them as you wish. Lit the fitness bug bite you now!

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