The craze for fitness well-being has never on such a high before. Almost everyone likes to hit the gym these days, if not have some herbal tea. There are millions of health freaks and who through social media are trying to provide this service.

But a designer like you can also benefit from this industry. Well, truth be told, a designer is required in every aspect of the digital and physical world. Look around, everything is a graphic design. Coming back to the topic, here you can get a list of amazing brochure, pamphlets, leaflets and poster designs specific to the world of fitness. These Trifold Brochures designs are templates and mockups which you can use to come up with an amazing design for the client, who can use it to market and advertise itself to the potential customers.

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Professional Fitness Brochure Design

A lot of organizations and companies provide professionals helping their clients. And not everything can be conveyed through the word of mouth. To appeal to the people, you can use this amazing ready to print fitness brochure that will give you the extra edge.

Body Fitness Trifold Brochure

The tri fold brochure work for any kind of marketing. Here is a great example of a customizable tri fold brochure mockup available in the resolution of 300 dpi. To help you work with the layered downloadable file, you also get a help file which will walk you through the design layout.

Fitness Workbook Editorial Brochure


To maintain the logs of the workout, or regime of a specific person, big fitness organizations and gyms can easily use this workbook to keep a handy record of every client. This brochure is like the doctor logs for its patients. Check out the design here for some inspiration.

Fitness Trainer Brochure Design

This simple yet classy design is something every fitness trainer would like for themselves or their services. Check it out in the below link to see how you can play around with simple colors and geometry to create the perfect design.

Women Fitness Magazine Brochure

You can also filter your designs targeting certain sector of the market. Here is a brochure of a fitness magazine that specifically works towards the health and well-being of women. Check out the design sample and download it for free to customize.

Modern Gym-Fitness Brochure

This is a classic example of professional and flawless design. This template includes 8 PSD files that form the content of the brochure. The design is available in 300 dpi resolution and uses free fonts suitable to the design theme.

Fitness & Healthcare Brochure

If you don’t mind spending a little money, then make sure you have a copy of this brochure. Designed on A4 size and 16 pages, this is a design that will definitely appeal to your client. Just check it out below to know what we are talking about.

Weight Loss Clinic Brochure

There are a lot of weight loss clinic coming up. Though all provide the same services, what sets them apart is how they market and advertise themselves. This brochure template will help you market your client in the most elegant way and help them grow their business.

Elegant Fitness Brochure Design

This brochure will show you how the space of a single sheet can also be used to totally convey the idea and message to the people. You can check out how the angles of the image have been used to align the text and other contents without making it a terrible dump.

Health Gym Club Brochure

Your fitness services might not be just related to going to the gym. If your client is one of those fancy clubs that have all the facilities, then go through the link below to check how these various features can be presented in a brochure design.

Gym-Fitness Trifold Brochure

Fitnasia Gym & Fitness Brochure

Fitness Flooring Brochure Design

Fitness Advice Magazine Brochure

Aerobics Center Brochure Design

Fabulous Fitness Guide Brochure

Personal Trainer Promo Brochure

Sport Magazine Fitness Brochure

Yoga Fitness Business Brochure

Be it a gym, be it a spa, be it a yoga and dance center or be it just a swimming pool. All these come under the sub heading of physical and mental well-being. And you all know that there are millions of people doing the same. In such cases, it is these Product Brochures and designs that distinguish the best from the good. If your design is not appealing or professional enough, it won’t hold the attention of your potential customer for long. So now that you know how important it is to present the concept, you can use the above mentioned templates for your brochure or catalogue design.

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