Who doesn’t love cakes, cupcakes or macaroons? It’s no secret that a large population of people around the world has a fetish for sweets – especially baked goods. While of course, it is the flavors and looks of the items which ultimately get to us the most, but one cannot deny that packaging plays a big role in setting us up to expect something wonderful from the items that we love the most. In today’s article, we have handpicked a collection of cake packaging designs which you could you in your patisserie endeavors! You can also see Chocolate Packaging.

Cake Box Packaging Design

If you’re in white cake boxes in a big way, then you must check out this cake packaging mockup. The boxes are all white and there differently-colored patterned designs on each one of them to make them look more appealing and presentable. You can also see Product Packaging Mockups.

Standard White Cake Boxes Packaging

This is the standardized cake packaging design. The interiors may usually be kraft or gray. The boxes come as flat sheets which are later folded and locked appropriately in a shape of a box. You can also see Package Box Mockups.

Cake Plastic Packaging

If you deem plastic packaging to be the best for your baked goods, take our word and opt for this packaging sample. It is a horizontal plastic packaging tray in which you can house biscuits, macaroons, etc.

Single Cupcake Packaging

This packaging mockup is apt for those of you who specialize and sell cupcakes. The template is adorable, editable and customizable, and it is available in three colors – pink, yellow and turquoise.

Slice Cake Box Packaging Design

Stand out from the crowd and bowl over your customers by packaging their cakes and other baked items in this black and white cake box template. The box template is high-resolution and editable.

Stylish Heart Cake Box Packaging

Here’s a very well-crafted and stylishly heart-shaped package design. You can pack a host of goods in this including cakes, cupcakes, muffins etc. You could use this for birthdays and other special occasions.

Cake Box Quick View Packaging

If you’re looking for a badge or paneled cake box design, this template is for you. It is an economical and easy to use cake box PSD file which has the required editing and customizable elements.

Cake Gift Packaging

Check out this absolutely yummy, creative and very creative cake box packaging. The cake box is designed and shaped in such a way that when you unravel it, it comes off like a cake slice. There are 6 differently colored vibrant templates available in this pack.

Bakery Red Cupcakes Packaging

Here’s another very-good-looking cake box packing option. It’s white and it has a transparent cover on top which makes the goods inside visible to the customer.

Octagon Cake Take Out Packaging

This is an ornamental and creative cake packaging PSD file. You get to choose between gold, silver and copper foil printing, and the template is very photorealistic.

Cake Box Packaging Template with Handle

This is an interesting cake box mockup with a handle, and you don’t need a glue to bring all the corners together. There is a floral pattern existing in this mockup.

Valentine’s Cake Packaging Template

Surprise your loved ones by gifting them their favorite bakery items in this absolutely winsome cake box packing template. There are 6 templates available in two color schemes with various pattern designs.

Cake Pastry Take Out Box Packaging

Be it cakes, cookies or donuts, this decorative cardboard packaging mockup is equipped to make everything that’s inside look great. The mockup is photorealistic and fully-editable.

Cake packaging Macaron Boxes


This is a 12.2X12.2X4.8cm cake box packaging sample. In this you can pack up to 30 pieces of cookies and macaroons. This mockup is built using paper and kraft materials.

Bunny Moon Cake Packaging

This is a rabbit look-a-like box which is essentially used to pack the mooncake. The rabbit boxes are placed on a wooden tray at the base and a plastic cover which is transparent and has a Chinese floral print goes on the top of the box.

Fishery Cake Box Packaging

Happi Cakes Cake Box Packaging

Cupcake Box Hold 4 Cakes Packaging

Cake boxes and packaging is a fun endeavor. Your baked items may look out of this world, but if the packaging is not right, the overall impression turns out to be half-baked. Well, you don’t have to concern yourself with that because you have our wonderful compilation of cake packaging designs at your disposal.

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