Digital patterns are very useful these days as it can be used for a number of purposes be it personal or commercial use. As for graphic designers, it is very important to have an assortment of pattern ready in their creative toolbox to always be prepared with whatever project that may come at hand. We have here a list of cute tangle pattern designs for you to choose from. So grab this opportunity and don’t forget to download your fave before leaving.

All the items on our list are available in PSD, Vector EPS and PNG Format for easy download, editing and printing. But, if you are still on a tight budget you can practice or give our Free Patterns listings a try first before anything else.

Seamless Tangle Pattern

Seamless Tangle Pattern

Abstract Tangle Pattern Background

Abstract Tangle Pattern Background


Black and White Tangle Pattern

Black and White Tangle Pattern

Tangled Modern Pattern

Tangled Modern Pattern

Beautiful Mess

  • Seamless

Seamless patterns are one of the formats that are easy to use and apply. Refer to our “Seamless Tangle Pattern” and use it for the project you’re working on.

  • Abstract

If you want your love for the abstract to go with any aspect of your design, you can go for the abstract approach of clean solid lines with our “Abstract Tangle Pattern Background”.

  • Woven look

The “Black and White Tangle Pattern” is such as an interesting pattern. The design looks like iron or steel strips woven together. It looks futuristic and eye-catching.

  • Colorful and Bright

Colors bring life to a plain surface or page in the digital world. The “Tangled Modern Pattern” is the perfect option to go for if you’re more drawn to a colorful design.

  • Quirky

The “Colorful Pattern of Tangle” definitely looks youthful. This design is perfect to set as background or even as a gift wrapper.

  • Subtle Approach

If you want a subtle monochromatic design, you can use the “High-Quality Tangle Pattern”. It is a perfect contrast to a darker shade text content.


If you want to see more interesting patterns, you can check our Cool Patterns listing shortly after this.

High-Quality Tangle Pattern

High Quality Tangle Pattern

Suggested Uses

  • Decorative wrapper

Some people are too lazy to exert effort into making their presents extra special in terms over the wrapper or covering. Maybe you’re thinking, “Meh! The important thing is what’s inside and the thought or sincerity.” Sure, these are the primary relevance of a present, but would it hurt really to show how special your present is, including its external aspect (wrap, ribbons, card), to your significant other? Use these creative patterns instead. You can choose a good design which will surely be unique.

  • Cover Page Layout

If by chance you have a blog or an account in any social media platform that requires a cover photo, you can get creative and attract more people to your page or profile with any of the designs in this  list.

  • Web Design

If you want to attract a specific market for the product or service you are offering on your website, choose an appropriate design from our list. It will make a big impact, for sure.

  • Paper Bag Pattern

If you own a boutique and all you have at the moment is the plain brown paper bag, then maybe it’s time to upgrade that to something more interesting and fun. It will be a walking advertisement and will continue to market your brand for sure!


For more design options, you can check our Zentangle Pattern listing, you will love it for sure!

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