While designing a website, a newsletter, a brochure, flyers, advertisements, presentations, or a business card, there are many options to choose from wave patterns, hills, sand, the sun etc. Amongst the most commonly used patterns, there are fruit patterns too. Fruit patterns are appropriate for businesses that are associated with fruits, juices and other fruit products and beverages. They make the look more colorful, active, and energetic. There are a number of amazing fruit patterns in different bases which can be used anywhere on any base like paper, online or cloth, as per the convenience, suitability and requirement, You may also see Leaf Patterns

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Seamless Fruit Pattern Free Vector

This type of fruit pattern can be used in any season, preferably summer as the colors are very soothing. The fruits used are in one big piece and are so colorful that they give a refreshing look.

Vector Handmade Fruit Pattern

Coming from Vecteezy, this is a handmade fruit pattern which contains fruits like pear, banana, lemon, pineapple, strawberry, and apple. Its yellow color gives it a retro look. It is very seamless with beautiful texture.

Watermelon Fruit Pattern Free Vector

This is a freepik product containing only one fruit pattern that is watermelon. The small and big slices of watermelon give it a beautiful look. This is especially for watermelon lovers.

6 Watercolor Fruit Patterns

This is a different way of having fruit patterns. In this, instead of using fruits, there are pictures with watercolors being used. The different colored images of fruits look exactly same as fruit.

Pineapples Fruit Pattern Free Vector

This is another product from Freepik wherein only pineapples are used for the fruit pattern. This is a customizable edition wherein you can edit the pattern of pineapples used, as per your choice.

3 Free Seamless Fruit Pattern Vector

Vecteezy offers fruit patterns in 3 different shades viz. orange, green, and white. They all have fruit combinations as per the base color but are similar in look as all 3 use watermelon slices.

Banana Fruit Printable Pattern

Bananas come in every season and hence their picture can be used in any season. This is an editable pattern which can be printed on anything as required like paper, cloth or for any online use.

Free Tropical Fruit Vector Pattern

This free vector fruit pattern includes tropical fruits like pineapple. It is a seamless picture with easy to edit images which can be used as a background or get printed on tiles or cloth.

Fruits Pattern Free Vector

These free fruit patterns are of high quality and can be used even with one’s pictures pasted on them. These are easy to use patterns with an interesting look.

Fruits Pattern For Free Download

This is an illustration containing fruits like papaya, apricot, and kiwi. The yellow base is best suitable for summers and also gives a vintage look. The print is easy to use on any media or base.

Colorful Fruits Pattern Free Vector

This is a colorful fruit pattern vector wherein many fruits are used like carrot, pineapple, pear, pomegranate, lemon, banana etc. This pattern can be edited and used as desired and required.

4 Free Fruit Pattern Vector

This is a combination of four fruit pattern vectors in four different color bases. The colors used are not very vibrant or bold but are soothing to be used in summers even.

Awesome Fruits Pattern Free Vector

Durian Fruit Vector Pattern

The durian fruit pattern has got repetitive images of leaf print on any base like textile, wallpaper etc. The image can be taken as a background for any photograph or quotes.

Geometric Fruit Pattern Free Vector

This type of fruit pattern has got images of fruits put together in a geometric style along with other geometrical figures. Made in vibrant colors this product of Freepik is easy to use and edit.

The different fruit vector patterns can be used as a backdrop for any picture or can be printed on tiles or sheet or paper and then can be used for any purpose. To have one of your choices, you can edit the samples available. Get them downloaded for free and use them as and when required and desired.

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