Girls usually love the pink and most patterns that are designed exclusively for girls have that color. Besides pink, other pastel shades and cute images like teddy bears and falling hearts dominate girly patterns. These patterns can be used for designing wallpapers for the room or for printing bedsheets and curtains, You may also see Dark Patterns

Blue Circle Girly Pattern Vector

Blue circle girly pattern Vector

In this sample of the blue circle girly pattern vector, the background color is sky blue. The entire image is divided into several squares and the squares are filled with pink and white symbols alternatively.

Girly Vector Pattern For Free

Girly Vector Pattern For free

This sample of a girly vector pattern is divided into two parts. The bigger half is designed using small miniature images of a girl’s frock on a light pink background. The other half has a dark pink background, where hearts and flowers adorn the small squares.

Girly Pattern Graphics Background

Girly pattern Graphics Background

In this image of a girly pattern graphics background, numerous purple butterflies are drawn on the white canvas along with a series of pink flowers in between.

Girly Vector Dot Pattern Set

Girly Vector dot pattern Set

The girly vector Dot pattern is designed using four different colors. The dots are placed on the paper in a way that it creates a seamless pattern.

Awesome Girly Pattern

Awesome Girly Pattern

This image of an awesome girly pattern has a very interesting design. It is a multicolored image, where different objects like clouds, mobile phones, sunglasses and other stuff are used to create a happy mood.

Pink Background On Girly Pattern

Pink background On Girly Pattern

The pink background on grid pattern background is very simple.  Big flowers are drawn in white on a deep magenta background. This sample is ideally suitable for fabric printing companies.

Elegant Girly Patterns

Elegant Girly Patterns

In this sample of elegant gritty patterns, four different images are used. Two of them have a pale yellow background while the other two have a blueish gray background. The pattern used for all four backgrounds is essentially floral.

Triangle Girly Pattern

Triangle Girly Pattern

In this sample of triangle gritty pattern, pink and purple colors are used to create a pattern of triangles. These triangles join to form a diamond.

Fashion Made Girly Pattern

Fashion Made Girly Pattern

This sample of fashion made gritty pattern, a deep pink color background is used. On the canvas, different types of accessories are drawn.

Cute Pink Girly Pattern

Cute pink Girly Pattern

This sample of cute pink girly pattern uses a reddish background that is quite different from the usual backgrounds. Small images of chandeliers are seen on the design which only add to its beauty.

Girly Things Collage Pattern

Girly Things Collage pattern

In this image of girly things collage collection, the image contains glimpses of different things used by a girl during her growing-up years. Different colors of the image give this style a unique pattern and look.

Cartoon Grid Girly Pattern

Cartoon Grid Girly pattern

This image of a cartoon grid girly pattern is a very simple design. A hello kitty doll seems to be seated at the bottom right-hand side. The rest of the image is covered in pink gridlines along with a border.

Blue Paisley Girly Pattern

Blue paisley Girly Pattern

In this image of a blue paisley girly pattern, a blue background is used. Different types of flowers and images adorn the background image. The images blend very well with the background, creating a beautiful pattern.

 Girly Patterns Vector Background

Girly patterns Vector Background

Girly Teal Pink Glitter Pattern

Girly Teal Pink Glitter PAttern

This sample of girly glitter pink glitter pattern is drawn on a white background. The pattern attempts to create a wave-like distribution of small triangles connected to each other. The bottom portion of the triangle is decorated with pink glitter.

Cupcake Girly Pattern

Cupcake Girly Pattern

In this image of cupcake girly pattern, the background is divided into three colors: blue, pink, and yellow. The image is decorated with small cupcakes floating over the entire space.

Girly backgrounds are not only a favorite of small teenage  girls , they are versatile enough to be used by businessmen as well. As a designer, you can use them as a background for baby products, ladies clothes, and jewelry.

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