There was a time when photography could only be done after a loved one had already passed on from this life into the next. Fortunately for us, the advancement of technology has given us the ability to celebrate life instead of such grim prospects. Doting parents everywhere can now rejoice at the possibility of keeping mementos of their children’s innocence with Kids Photography and newborn photography.

Considering how fast-paced life has become and how time seems to fly with us barely noticing its motions, it’s a good thing that we will now be able to look back on times lost with such keepsakes as photographs.

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Newborn Baby Photography


Newborn Girl Photography


Hospital Newborn Photography


Age Matters in Newborn Photography

Unlike Portrait Photography, there is a short window of opportunity for taking certain shots of newborns.

  • Studio/Posed Newborn Photography

Veterans of this type of shoot would recommend that the baby be less than 2 weeks old. This is the optimal time for photographers to get in those fetal-position shots that are so popular these days. It’s also a whole lot easier to take shots of newborns at this age, since this is the time when they are mostly asleep and, thus, a whole lot more “cooperative”.

  • Natural/Lifestyle Newborn Photography

This type of photography can be done when the infant is up to 6 weeks old. Unlike the studio shots, these photos would show the baby in its natural environment. If the infant is over 2 weeks old, however, it would be more difficult to get shots of them in the fetal position. Additionally, the photographer may need to deal with a baby that’s wide awake and not at all comfortable with what you want it to do.

Be Prepared

Working with children, even the more cooperative ones, can be a trying task. For newborn photography, it’s best to also work feeding times into the schedule. Additionally, it would also be a good idea to have a few toys in hand. The photographers and parents should also consider bringing along extra clothes for those accidental messes.

Newborn Twin Photography


Newborn Photography of Siblings


Vintage Newborn Photography


Photography of a Newborn in a Basket


Newborn Photography Shots

There are just so many different shots that you can take for your Baby Photography needs. Here’s a look at a few photography styles you can do with your little bundle of joy.

  • Family Portrait

According to Michael J. Fox, “[Family] is everything”. Cherish those moments you have together, and tell your family how much they mean to you by going for a family portrait as shown in “Newborn Family Photograph”.

  • Props and More

Get creative by adding props into the mix. Who doesn’t love the idea of a baby in a basket? If you want to give it a vintage feel, why not put your baby in a vintage cradle? And don’t forget that toys and hats can also take you a long way into photography stardom.

  • The Curl

Capture the comfort and safety of the mother’s womb with shots featuring your little one curled up in that fetal position.

  • Sibling Love

For some strange reason, the universe has mandated that siblings argue, fight and sometimes not talk to each other at all. But no matter how bad it gets, it’s your siblings that will be there with you through it all. Capture the bond between siblings, and go for shots like “Newborn Twin Photography” and “Newborn Photography of Siblings”.

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