Ever have those moments when the world just seems to be out of focus? I’m not even talking about just your vision getting blurry. I mean when your sense of direction, time, and place all seem muddled. This typically happens when you’re feeling confused, dazed, lost, overwhelmed, depressed even.

While those mentioned do not at all sound favorable, perhaps there is something to be gleaned here.

To have a better understanding of all this, we’ll need some visuals. And what better ones are there than these Bokeh Photography stills (which you can freely download, by the way)?

Bokeh Nature Photography


Bokeh City Photography


Bokeh Christmas Photography

Bokeh Abstract Heart Photography

Bokeh Love Photography


The Big Picture

When for a certain amount of time I feel like things are out of focus, I get quite introspective (much like plenty of you out there, I’m sure). On that note and upon seeing these bokeh stills, I think, Maybe things become a blurry mess when we feel confused and overwhelmed is because we’re aware of too many things going on, and there is absolutely no certainty at the end of it all. But then upon examining a few of these other photos, I figured that, that can’t be the whole picture (see what I did there?).

  • Haziness

With the likes of the “Bokeh City Photography” and the “Bokeh Street Photography,” the notion of uncertainty mentioned above lends itself well. The individual points of light are the many variables overwhelming us, what we’re trained on so much so that everything becomes hazy.

  • Perspective

As you can see with “Bokeh Love Photography” and “Bokeh Portrait Photography,” the subjects, those in the foreground, can be clearly seen while the blurriness remains in the background. When you view things from the right angle, give the right variables or elements more focus, there is some clarity.

(For you future brides out there, you might learn something here. Stop obsessing over everything at once. Perhaps focus on searching for inspiration for your Wedding Photography shots first.)

Bokeh Street Photography


Christmas Light Bokeh Photography


Bokeh Portrait Photography


Bokeh Flower Photography


Bokeh Wedding Photography


Bokeh Is Okeh

Ultimately, whether or not you’re in a bokeh-like slump now, you’ve got to admit that there’s something remarkable still despite it all.

As evidenced in our collection of these stunning bokeh photography stills, we can pretty much gather these:

  • Things that are out of focus can still be beautiful.
  • It’s okay when everything may seem hazy. (That’s not all there is to the story, in the picture, anyway.)
  • You can totally cheat your way into being an artsy photographer with bokeh.
  • A photo with fuzzy points of light is actually called bokeh.
  • Bokeh is kind of a funny word.
  • Wait, where was I going with this? . . . Oh right.

All this talk from just a handful of free downloadable bokeh photography shots. (I swear this is serious talk.) All the rambling aside, I like to think that this may have been of some help, that there was some insight to be had here.

Remember, do not take on all the little points of light at once. Know what has to be brought to the foreground. Everything else is just background noise.

(Speaking of little points of light, you may wanna check out these Rain Photography stills.)

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