Rain can bring in nostalgia, and at times it helps people to relax. Rainy day textures brighten your life and can lift your mood. These can make your room look more chic and fashionable. You can also put the rainy day texture wallpapers on your smartphone or PC. These textures are totally free, and you can just download and use them instantly and whenever you wish to appease yourself. Here are some high resolution rainy day textures:

Download 5 High Res Rainy Day Textures

Download 5 High Res Rainy Day TexturesDownload Button

8 Rainy Day Textures

8 Rainy Day TexturesDownload Button

Elegant Rainy Texture

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Bokeh for A Rainy Day Background Texture

Bokeh for A Rainy Day Background TextureRain Bokeh designs and pictures have become quite popular because of their minimalistic approach and strong symbolism. The yellow & green background establishes the mood and the rain droplets look stunning. It can be a good background for designer bloggers.

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Rain and Bokeh Texture

Rain and Bokeh TextureHere is a natural texture, which has been photographed; the slow shutter speed of the camera has captured the raindrops in movement, thus rendering it in lines and not as droplets. The blue sky with a hint of red and some clouds, enhance the effect and gives it a brilliant texture. You can design or add this while making a photography website.

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Rain Overlay Texture

Rain Overlay TextureThis design can be overlaid as a layer in Photoshop. It can add some depth and some warm texture and tone to the image. You can lay it over any image and blend it in Photoshop, where you can choose the type and intensity of the blending.

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Lovely Rain Drop Texture

Lovely Rain Drop TextureThis raindrop design has blue as the dominating color. It can be quite an interesting background for your text and designs. The red hue can work quite well with the background, and it can also be used as a standalone design on your phone or PC.

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Simple Rain Texture

Simple Rain TextureMany prefer simple rain texture in monotone, or black and white. It helps to guide the eyes to the text and the object. The viewer just observes the image or text that you lay on the top and the brain subconsciously lets the rain texture seep in. It can effectively be use for a sombre mood or also sometimes for a neutral mood.

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Elegant Rain Drops Texture

Elegant Rain Drops TexturePurple is the color which symbolizes luxury and elegance, the rain drop background with purple can work for many women designers.

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Rainbow Rain Texture

Rainbow Rain TextureThe design uses rain drops with the shades of a rainbow in the background. Its an abstract design representating rainbow and rain which can be used as a background on computers.

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Download Free Rain Drops Texture

Download Free Rain Drops TextureThe free rain drops design in the shades of grey can be quite elegant and enriched with meaning and subtext. The monotone design can let the colourful text or logo to pop out, but also you use black or white text to go with the monochromatic design.

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High Quality Rainy Texture

High Quality Rainy TextureThis extremely soothing natural raindrops design can make any added text or design beautiful. For graphic designers, it gives a lot of space to play with color as it can be added as a background layer to a text or image.

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High Res Very Elegant Rain Texture

High Res Very Elegant Rain TextureDownload Button

Rain Drops Texture

Rain Drops TextureDownload Button

Free Dripping Rain Texture

Free Dripping Rain TextureDownload Button

Rain Bokeh Texture

Rain Bokeh TextureDownload Button

Fountain Water Texture

Fountain Water TextureDownload Button

Pastel Dream Bokeh Stock Rain Texture

Pastel Dream Bokeh Stock Rain TextureDownload Button

Rain Texture for Free Download

Rain Texture for Free DownloadDownload Button

These elegant raindrop designs can add sophistication to your work as a graphic designer. You can subtly add meaning to your work with the help of these designs. All the designs are free to download, edit and user friendly.

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