For a web designer or a graphic designer, the background texture is quite essential. The use of geometrical forms in the background layer can add some substance to the design. A designer aspires to be better in their work and these halftone designs help them create an amalgamation of quirkiness and elegance. The halftone designs have a faded and offbeat or retro look, which can be edited in Photoshop to make it even better.

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Dirty Halftone Texture with Dots

The remarkable halftone textures can work well as a background texture for a website or blog. The high res textures may seem grimy but create a lot of contrast. Hence, they are highly useful for attracting the visitors of the site and make them stay as well explore the site which can help the site operators.

5 Free Halftone Textures Download

The halftone color texture can be used as a background layer for a music album or a music label’s website. The minute dots blend in to create a zestful texture. For the modern music composer and artists, this texture is almost a must.

10 Vintage Halftone Textures

The vintage halftone texture has been inspired by early handmade music albums and posters. The free halftone vintage texture adds to the peppy effect, which can be laid upon other designs or icons. Those who want to make the posters look different these textures can be of immense use.


Grey Halftone Texture Free Vector

The monochromatic grey halftone is an elegant option for designers who want a retro design for a website, blog or poster. The use may be any, but it is a perfect combination that helps the designer to make the design look much impressive.

Free Halftone Vector Texture

The vector halftone texture is scalable and can be used for any screen size or resolution. You can create high res patterns with the dots. With the help of a little creativity on text, one can use it on different platforms effectively.

Free Halftone Dot Textures For You

The halftone dot patterns and textures can be used as wallpaper, and these free wallpapers can be edited in Photoshop. With the help of Photoshop editing, one can easily add great charm to the tablet, PC or even a smartphone screen.

Free Grunge Halftone Texture Free Vector

Many designers are in the search of grunge halftone textures which have muted dual tone colors. The grunge effect works well for website designs and some for some other faded out look. The vector textures can be resized to fit any kind of display or poster. With the help of modern techniques, it can be a beautiful option for a number of platforms.

Free Vector Halftone Texture Download

The dotted halftone vector texture can be instrumental in creating some intuitive & interesting designs. The halftone textures are free to be downloaded, and you can achieve your desired look through Photoshop or Illustrator. For modern designers, this is one of the most useful options to have added effect to designs.

Free Halftone Texture For Download

The concentric circle or dotted design, texture is downloadable and free. It can be perfectly used as a useful background for seamless website designs and also for posters.

Blue Halftone Texture Free Download

The blue halftone design has different sized dots, which would look good as a background for a poster or blog. The texture comes free and is effortlessly downloadable, and also the designer can make some changes in Photoshop to suit the client’s requirement.

Geometric Vector Halftone Texture

Free Halftone Bright Texture

The high res halftone textures have mostly circles or dots as predominant geometric form, and these textures are totally free to download. These can work as a cool desktop or smartphone wallpaper, and also it can be used in poster designs or brochures. It can also be printed on paper or vinyl after you have edited it in Photoshop to create a vintage or retro faded look.

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