Do you have a business mixer planned, or are you supervising a large group on a retreat? Are you on your first day of a new academic year, about to teach your new batch of kindergartners? Do you also have trouble keeping track of names? If you’ve answered yes to any of those, we just might have something you’d be interested in.

We offer you these printable name tags! Our collection gives you a variety of Name Tag Designs—from cute to cool, pretty to professional. They also come in PSD, Vector EPS, and JPG formats for ease of download and customization.

Printable Business Name Tag

Business Name Tags Printable


Colorful Printable Name Tag

Colorful Printable Name Tag

Varying Variables

A lot of us don’t do too well with names, and it’s quite embarrassing for both parties (more so for the “offender”) if one cannot remember the name of another—or worse, say a different name instead. So it’s understandable how a name tag would be of utmost importance. I mean, it is much easier to just read names off a tag instead of struggling to recall whether that redhead is Janet or Janine.

Evident in our page here is the variety of designs available for you.

  • Standard format

The typical format for name tags is “Hello, my name is [blank].” Simple and to the point, tried and tested. You can opt for a colorful yet less adorned variant like the “Hello Printable Name Tag” or a plain-white yet wonderfully decorated one like the “Printable Floral Name Tag.”

  • Straightforward and business-like

If you’re looking for a more no-nonsense, all pertinent information kind of a deal, something like the “Printable Business Name Tag” would be perfect for you. However, if you’re open to a pop of color, go for “Custom Printable Name Tag” instead.

  • Cutesy animals

The likes of “Colorful Printable Name Tag” and “Cute Printable Name Tag” would be the pick for those who aren’t shy with cartoon detail.


(Here are some Printable Gift Tags, by the way, if you had another tag in mind.)

Cute Printable Name Tag

Cute Printable Name Tag

Printable DIY Name Tag Design

Diy Name Tag Design

Hello Printable Name Tag

Hello Printable Name Tag

What FanTAGstic News!

Name tags pretty much have just one purpose. Cool. But some of you may be wondering right now that given all the other forms of identification we have on hand, who still uses name tags, right? Well, let’s start with the special mentions at the beginning of this article.

  • Business mixer

Mixers, in general, deal with quite a volume of people. But for business mixers especially… that’s a whole slew of important contacts! You might meet the perfect supplier of premium ingredients for a cosmetics line you’re working on.

  • Retreat groups

The number of retreat attendees varies; sometimes it could be just in the tens, but other times, it could be way up in the forties. Other than eliminating the whole awkward “What was your name again?” name tags also promote engaging interactions among the participants.

  • Kindergarten or elementary school pupils

You really wanna get kids’ names straight because they’re a lot more sensitive. Name tags also help prevent the whole mean nickname situation.

  • Personal

If you’re starting out in a new workplace or school, you’d want to be remembered not from your unusual hair color or some other trivial thing.


Now that we got all that covered, don’t you leave without downloading now! (Oh, here are some Hang Tag Designs, by the way, if you’re interested.)

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