Many times when we travel, we feel worried about losing our luggage. We come across luggage that looks similar to our luggage. Bag tags help us get rid of this fear. Free Tag Designs and Luggage tag template are available for users to attach to their luggage for their safe keeping. Sports bag tags are available for attaching to the Sports bags. Cute luggage tags are available for attaching to children’s bags.

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Plastic Bag Tag

Plastic Bag Tag is a professional looking Bag tag that has been designed in a simple yet powerful manner. This type of tags can be used by people who travel for specific purposes like conferences

Collection of Bag Tags

 The Collection of Bag Tags is a set of tags that are designed in a mild manner using pleasant colors. These tags can be used for multiple purposes by users which they deem fit. You may also see the Gift Tags.

Aeroflot Bag tag

Aeroflot Bag tag is a type of tag which has an ear at one so it can be hung from luggage. It allows printing information about the owner

Personalized Bag Tag

Personalized Bag Tag is the general tag template that can more specifically be used in backpacks. This handmade item looks elegant and can be used in school bags also

Unique Bag Tag

Unique Bag Tag looks stunning. They are not unique by looks but also by usage. These tags can be used to hang from any luggage.

Gift Bag Tag

Gift Bag Tag is an artistically designed glittering template that can be used to attach with all kinds of gifts. This handmade item looks stunning and mesmerizing owning to their styles

Travel Bag Name Tag

Travel Bag Name Tag is designed using heartwarming words related to traveling. These tags can be used as luggage IDs when people travel away from luggage as in-flight travel

Custom Photo Bag Tag

Custom Photo Bag Tag can be utilized as an identification tag for luggage. This tag can also be used to insert pet photographs, family photographs, and sports team photographs

Different Bag Tags

Different Bag Tags are beautifully designed tags that can be used for multiple purposes by users. These tags appear totally different in size as well as shape making them useful in various ways

Luggage Bag Tag

Luggage Bag Tag is a plastic label tag that comes in 6 bright colors. These tags can be used as name and address tags or photo tags depending upon the requirement

Colorful Bag Tag

Colorful Bag Tag comes in different colors that are highly attractive for looks. These tags look sturdy and can be used for many creative purposes that users deem fit for

Leather Bag Tag

Leather Bag Tag is created in a highly aesthetic manner. The artistic designs in which these tags are created make them suitable to be used in superior class bags

Christmas Bag Tags

Christmas Bag Tags are tags that display many cute images related to Christmas celebrations. These tags can be hung in baggage as well as on the gifts given to guests during Christmas

Blank Bag Tag

Blank Bag Tag is empty format tags that can be used by the users who want to use them for multiple purposes. These blank tags come in different shapes and styles.

Photo Bag Tag

Photo Bag Tag has been designed in a spacious manner to accommodate the photo of the owner of the bag. They look neat and have been created in a simple manner for ease of use

Printable Bag Tag


Embroidered Bag Tag

Bag Tags For Free


Cross Stitch Bag Tag


Tour Bag Tags


How to use these Bag Tags

Bag Tags can be used for multiple purposes that users want to use them for. These tags come in different styles and shapes to cater to the needs of the various types of customers. Bag Tags can be used as identification of children’s bags in school. They can be attached to luggage during air travel and train travel for easy identification of the same. Bag Tags can also be used to tag on gifts that are being given to guests and friends. They can be used on such gifts that get distributed during festival times like Christmas, Easter and New Year among the many others. You may also see the Hang Tags.

Users who want to use these bag tags can do so by downloading their choice of tags from time to time. These tags can be easily customized by users who want to use them. These tags are available in multiple numbers and they add styles statements to those who uses them.

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