Color your monotonous journeys by creating your own luggage tag designs. From hang tags to  stickers, use your imagination with the help of these luggage tag templates and have a personal  signature sticker or tag for your belongings. These luggage tags can also be used as templates for  your website designing. Get creative while traveling by using these creative bag tag designs for  your journey. Check out these cool tag templates and use them for your websites or simply, as  stickers. You can also see Price Tags.

49+ Ready-Made Tag Templates - Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Adobe InDesign (INDD & IDML), Apple (MAC) Pages, Microsoft Publisher - START DOWNLOADING

Green Daisy Goods Luggage Tag

The use of subtle colors like pastel green and cardboard brown is calming to the eye, giving a break to the person, among the usual hustle and bustle of the airport or stations. This is easily available and completely editable.

Unique Luggage Tag Designs

These tags are available in varied designs and colors. There is always something for everyone’s taste. These bright and vibrant luggage tags are attractive and catchy. The front covers have smart and funny writings, which are unique and creative.

Stylish Luggage Tag Vector Design

This classy vector illustration looks majestic with its golden clip in its brown background. This will look beautiful with smart suitcases and black bags.

Leather Luggage Tag Design

This leather luggage tag is classy and intimidating, adding richness and posh to your bags. It is available in three classy colors, and the tags can be edited to your liking.

Vector Customizable Luggage Tags

These creative luggage tag files are creative and colorful. They can also be used for creative tickets and other stamps. They are available in PSD, EPS, and other basic formats, and can be edited to your choice.

Travel Insurance Luggage Tag Tied

This luggage tag is sensible and professional, making it plain and simple. The use of leather brown makes this tag professional. They are available in JPG format for editing.

Luggage Diaper Tag Design

These creative luggage tags use bright colors with complementing colors for attractiveness. They are classy and fun to look at. Couple this with a vacation bag to Hawaii or Bali and you are complete.

Printable Brown Leather Luggage Tag

This luggage tag design is sensible and standard, more apt for practical business use. The tag is available in two standard colors and can be easily edited.

Vintage Vacation Luggage Tags

As the name suggests the use of the colors and the model suggests older and simpler times, perfect for your journey to European countries. They are also colorful and attractive, setting a trend.

Vintage Airline Luggage Tags

This set of 15 luggage tag designs are redesigned, using the vintage tags as models. This will never go out of style as the use of practical colors is trendy and vintage.

Promotional Vintage Luggage Tags

These colorful luggage tags are stylish and fun to use. They can be used as hang tags or simply as stickers.

Vintage Luggage Tags

These classy vintage luggage tags are inspired by denim jeans, hence the sexy background design. They can be used as hang tags, stickers or even edited for your website logos.

Vector Luggage Tags Illustrations Design

These vector illustrations are available in high-resolution. These colorful tags are attractive and easy to edit to your liking. These templates can be used as stamps, tickets, or even stickers.

Realistic Free Luggage Tag Template

These illustrations are sensible and simple. This gives it a professional look and makes the luggage classy and intimidating. They are easy to edit and are available in many colors.

Vintage Baggage & Luggage Tags

These popular designer tags has vintage looking and has backgrounds of famous destinations.

Customizable Luggage Tags Design

Round Leather Luggage Tags Labels

World Luggage Tags Design

Colored Trip Tags in Flat Design

Empty Luggage Tags Illustration

Tired of the boring long journeys? Spice it up by customizing your own cool luggage tags. They are free to download and easy to edit. From hang tags designs to stickers, you have a variety of options to have a creative way to decorate your luggage. These templates can also be used as sticker templates or even website logos.

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