If you are planning to renovate your floor, black is the royal color to choose from. It is the best color which can be used for flooring. It gives an elegant look to the floor and adds a stylish and graceful touch to it. Maintenance is  easy as you do not have to clean it frequently since it does not get dirty often. There are various websites which provide information regarding black concrete textures for you to choose from. These black concrete textures are available in simple and gorgeous forms. Go through the popular black texture varieties here:

10 Free Seamless Black Concrete Textures

Want to make your background interesting? Don’t wait, try these seamless concrete textures. They are available in a high resolution of 2048×2048 pixels. These can be used as repeatable backgrounds for the websites as it makes your text impressive and noticeable. These are perfectly seamless, do give them a try!

Free Black Concrete Texture Download

These provide an abstract and vintage look to the background when applied. They can be used for various purposes like construction, architecture, wallpaper, wall, backgrounds, patterns, design, and paint. They have a grunge look and give a retro appearance.

Black & White Grunge Concrete Texture

The pictures are available in 2048×1872 pixels resolution. As the name suggests, they come in black and white concrete textures with a grunge finish and high contrast. It looks impressive when used for backgrounds, walls, and bricks.

Black Concrete Texture For Free

These black concrete textures are available for free and you can download them with ease as they are commonly available in the JPEG, JPG, or PNG format with high resolution for high picture quality. The images can be customized and redesigned using Photoshop. They are generally used for website designing, architecture, walls, paintings, and wallpapers.

Free Black Wall Concrete Texture

Free Black Wall Concrete Texture

This image is shot using a Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL camera with high resolution for giving an interesting color combination. It gives a grunge look to the dirty, cracked concretewall painted in black and yellow.

Concrete Texture with Black Cracked Plastic

Concrete Texture with Black Cracked Plastic is generally used for card designs. It can even be used for content backgrounds in the case of blogs as it makes the content interesting for the visitors. These textures of high quality give better clarity. They can be customized to give exclusivity by using Photoshop if you want it for your floors too.

Free Black Grunge Concrete Surface

Free black grunge concrete surface has an interesting color combination of black, white, and gray as the primary colors. The patterns reflect a fascinating display of abstract modern art. They can be used for overlay, wall texture, stone wall, and backdrops. This image can be customized as per requirements.

10 High Resolution Black Concrete Textures

These 10 high resolution Dark Grunge textures are taken from other images, converted to monochrome, and contrast is increased to give a dark look. There are 10 patterns to choose from and can be used for multiple purposes.

High Resolution Black Concrete Texture For Free

The image is copyright free and is available for free downloads. The image is available in JPG format with high resolution. These can be used backgrounds for the websites, walls, and floors for an interesting look.

Free Black Grunge Concrete Wall Texture

Black Grunge Concrete Wall Texture is a combination of black and white. It gives a dirty and worn stone wall look. The image is available in JPG format in high resolution. You can use this pattern as per your need and can give an added look by using Photoshop.

Black concrete textures can be vividly used for a variety of purposes as per the requirement. These can be used for print and web projects, vintage backgrounds, architecture, construction, paint, abstract design, wall and repeatable backgrounds. Pair them seamlessly and create a surreal effect.

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