Textures, when used just right, can become a work of art in itself. Textures not only add depth to a design, they can also assist the designer in conveying a certain mood for audiences. Chalkboard textures have that rustic and vintage feel that’s perfect for any design dealing with those two concepts.

So, if your design calls for these themes, why don’t you scroll down our list of high quality chalkboard textures? Out of the 92 that we have curated for you, I’m sure you’ll find one to your liking. Also, check out Free Textures for more designs.

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Chalkboard Texture Photoshop

Chalkboard Vector Texture

Black Chalkboard Texture Background


The Deal with These Chalkboard Textures

Using textures in a design can contribute to the viewer’s overall experience as it adds a bit of personality and the feeling of warmth. Make your designs a whole lot more memorable by adding these Chalkboard Textures to your designs.

  • Visually Provoking

Flat designs may be all the rage these days, they are considered to be clean, and its simplicity is perfect for the minimalist look. However, since flat designs have no depth, they can lack emotion and can isolate the audience from the message that you’re trying to relate.

Connect with your viewers by adding chalkboard textures to create a stunning and visually provoking layout.

  • The Impact of Touch

Touch is considered to be a pleasurable experience, but is also thought of as the least important of the five senses. However, recent consensus has agreed that touch is really quite a significant aspect in a person’s day-to-day life and experiences. It influences our choices, even commercial ones like our purchases. Touch is also essential in creating and reinforcing social bonds.

Add a tactile element to your designs with our chalkboard textures in order to make it more memorable, and thus establishing that oh-so-important connection with your viewers.

Green Chalkboard Texture

Chalkboard Digital Texture

Chalkboard Texture Background

Blackboard/Chalkboard Texture

High Resolution Chalkboard Texture

Chalkboard Stain Texture


Do With These Chalkboard Textures as You Will

Don’t just stop at scrolling through this list. Grab a couple–or even all–of our chalkboard texture designs. They are available in PSD, Vector EPS formats, downloadable as well as easily customized for your convenience. Keep them in your graphic toolbox just in case you need them for a variety of different projects.

  • Educational Web Site

When we say chalkboard, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the word “classroom”. It would make sense, then, to use chalkboard textures as a great addition to you educational websites.

  • Signage and Menus

If you have been to a cafe, a restaurant or even a local pub, then you have seen that most of these establishments use chalkboard textures (sometimes even actual chalkboards) in their signage and menus. It somehow makes the establishment seem a little more homey and comfortable.

  • Invitation Cards

Are you having a rustic-themed event sometime in the near future? Well, look no further than these textures we have compiled for you. They are great for bridal showers, weddings and receptions.

  • Tags


You can also turn these designs into gift tags, thank you tags and even price labels.


If you want more options to choose from, take a look at our Grunge Textures.

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