Texture delineates the illusion of feeling. It allows the viewer to assess the surface quality or feel of an object, triggering all sensation by the qualities of the texture. Every designer can attest to its powerful technique for creating a compelling and lifelike design plates. Having said this, take a good look on or fur textures on the list which you will definitely find realistic and useful for that project you are working on.

These downloadable and editable textures will make your design come to life. You have reached your destination of your fur texture hunt. And for more options and trial, check our Free Textures now!

Seamless Fur Texture

Seamless Fur Texture

Brown Fur Textures

Brown Fur Textures

High-Quality Tiger Fur Texture

High Quality Fur Texture

Dog Fur Texture

Dog Fur Texture

Sheep Fur Texture

Shee Fur Texture

Fur Your Information

Fur is synonymous to Hair but the only difference is that, it pertains to animals especially those whose body are fully covered by these. Furs serves as protection to the skin and is an integral segment of an animal’s body. More so, not only animals benefits from it but as well as different human communities who uses these as fabric to cover themselves from the changing temperatures.


These fluffy packages will make you oh so cozy for that current or future design project. Apply these babies to amplify your design and produce that professionally-made looking output.

  • Do you fancy outlines of fur? Then check out the Seamless Fur Texture,
  • Or maybe you’ve been scouting some time for animal or (specifically) brown furs? Refer to our Brown Fur Texture, Dog Fur, High-quality Tiger Fur Texture & Sheep Fur Texture
  • If you are looking for a selection of different types, check out Fur Texture Pack
  • And if you are looking for a white fur to complement your color palette then, the White Fur Texture is the perfect one!

We hope all these addressed to your long search for fur texture. So, feel free to choose from these wide assortments Animal Fur Textures and design away!

Fur Textures Pack

Fur Textures Pack

White Fur Texture

White Fur Texture

High-Resolution Fur Texture

High Resolution Fur Texture

Cat Fur Texture

Cat Fur Texture

Animal Fur Textures

Animal Fur Texture

The Organic Life

Our aim is to help you incorporate natural textures into designs with crisp and a wide selection to choose from. When natural elements are incorporated into the design, it infuses life and and uplifts vividness, warmth and beauty to the final output.

Keep It Cohesive

In order to achieve the natural effect, apply it on a background with similar natural qualities, hues and tones for that striking foreground. These immersion techniques will bring life to your design. You may practice these things by experimenting with designs using these textures for a variety of different purposes.

Fine and Easy

  • The selection of Animal Fur Textures on this list comes in with:
    • high- resolution JPG files,
    • unique fabric, fur, and carpet textures
  • Most of them have additional versions like zoomed and wrinkled.
  • You may layer, flatten, blur, filter and render them however you like.
  • You may use these for personal or commercial use.

But for more specific details, view the links first, and download what you think suits your requirements. It is always better to check the resolution first, to make sure they are proportioned and not blurry or pixelated when printed on a larger scale.

Choose wisely and choose the best! Download now and enjoy these fuzzy treats all for you!

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