Here are some exquisite textures which are rugged and definitive which can be used for walls or just as background for a phone. You can redesign these free and downloadable textures in Photoshop. The textures would work well as music album covers, websites for arts and sciences.

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25 Colored Grunge Texture

These matte finish grunge textures are some of the most intricately designed textures, which can be used as a background layer for logos, and multiple other designs. You could easily put up a nicely designed text, and the background texture will add on the contrast making it more attractive.

Download Colored Grunge Texture

These textures have slightly worn out background texture that helps to make the design more riveting and compelling. These dark colored shades would work beautifully with some light colored text or logo design. You can add some geometrical forms or some floral designs in Photoshop.

Green Colored Grunge Texture

The green colored background layer would work well with orange colored text. If you wish to experiment you can try out shades of gray to imbricate the text with the background layer.The texture would look cool as a background for a music album. The album could have live recordings of rock sessions.

5 Colored Grunge Textures

These grunge texture designs have vintage text or prints and also some wall texture which has been blended with the purple color. These can work as wallpaper for your phone and desktop. You can also add some of your text in Photoshop and any other editing software.

11 Colored Grunge Textures For Free

These colored textures can be used as a matte for space or astronomy related designs and for websites which give information on space exploration. These can also be used creatively for your posters or any other animated design ideas. You can also set this as your desktop wallpaper or smartphone screensaver. These can be printed and pasted on the ceiling for your personal and children’s room to give a different look.

Red Colour Grunge Texture

It is a blend of colors put together with a lot of other layers and backgrounds. It looks like an oil painting, poster or image  captivating in the middle. The use of indecisive brush strokes and blue in the center creates a unique combination. The texture can be utilized as a background for blogs and can also be printed & hung against a plain light colored wall, such as cream or white.

Grunge Color Metal Texture

The grunge metal texture is one fascinating design, where the objects and colors come together and create a deeper meaning.The design is quite defiant and is not at all tranquil or calm. These can easily be downloaded and edited on Photoshop.

Multicolor Grunge Texture

The small bubbles with faded colors give a different look all together.  The design could have easily worked out even if all the bubbles or circles were arranged symmetrically, and the color was evenly spread, but that has not been done intentionally, to show the unruliness of the design. It could be used for a punk rock album poster or something which would constitute thematic insubordination.

Yellowish Colored Grunge Texture

The yellowish saturated grunge texture looks like the earth’s mantle and can be used to create some unique color contrast.You can use any color text or logo design with this color which would help in standing out perfectly.

Colorful Grunge Painted Wall Texture

The colorful grunge painted wall texture is quite hypnotic because of its rugged design. The paint and colors have been applied or blended in together on a rough protruding surface, which makes it quite distinct. The design can be printed and hung on walls or can be downloaded and used as your smartphone wallpaper.

Vibrant Grunge Texture Set

Burgundy Color Grunge Texture

Beautiful Colour Grunge Texture

Awesome Colored Grunge Texture

Rusty Colored Grunge Texture

These types of designs which have colored grunge texture can be quite enthralling and inspirational for budding designers. You can easily download these, and use or edit in Photoshop.

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