If you want to have a set of designs, which have a lot of character, and a little bit of history etched onto it? Then the duotone grunge Photoshop textures are the most vivacious yet elegant textures that can be utilized as a backdrop for your design idea. The designs are totally free to be edited in Photoshop and are effortlessly downloadable. The raw texture of the designs makes the designs more relevant to users, as people can connect more to the design or the idea. And the harshness also adds up to the contrast, so whenever a complementary colour text or design is added to the texture, it becomes more lively.

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10 Duotone Grunge Textures

Grunge textures mainly denote classic and vintage style. The presence of brown colour with grunge texture signifies trust with a traditional touch. This type of texture is ideal to design background of cards. It represents simplicity and elegance.

5 Soft Grunge Textures

Black symbolizes mystery. Grunge texture in black signifies the classic mystery. A soft grunge texture can be used to design the cover of an old mystery book. It enhances the view of the book keeping in mind the viewer’s choice.

12 Free Vector Grunge Textures

With the spots on black, the vector grunge texture can be used to depicts array night. This type of texture can be used to design the cover of a book that contains bedtime stories.

Amazing Duotone Grunge Texture

A brown grunge texture symbolizes vintage trust. This type of appearance can be used by car companies selling reliable classics or some furniture company while designing the website. A car manufacturing or a car modification company can adapt this design due to the vintage design.

Vintage Doutone Grunge Texture Vector

A grunge texture that appears greenish grey can be used to design t-shirts with some sort of abstract art in between. An apparel company with minimalistic abstract art can adapt this design.

9 Free Vector Duotone Grunge Textures

A vector duotone grunge texture is a scalable texture. So any writing on this type of background can be used in designing posters, hoardings, and billboards. It can also be used for designing visiting cards.

15 High Quality Subtle Grunge Textures

A slight grunge texture is a great way to denote the vintage nature of any object. This type of texture can be used as covering of vintage items like paintings. This type of design can also be used by companies selling classic items.

10 Free Subtle Duotone Grunge Textures

This type of texture helps to describe the crudeness of any object. Designing a logo of any manufacturing company with this texture will help to describe the heritage and crude manner adopted by the company to manufacture its products.

8 Tileable Duotone Grunge Textures

This type of texture brings out the sense of old nature of any object. It can be used to design the fabric of jeans. A website dealing with classic denim and jeans can adapt this design.

Grunge Overlay Duotone Texture

This type of art brings out the appearance of a carpet. This type of crude art can be used as the background of a smartphone so that the icons are easily visible. The smartphone themes adapting this design can provide better fonts and viewing experiences.

The duotone grunge textures mentioned above are all high-res textures, which can be printed and put up on walls or used as a screen background. Also, it can be edited in Photoshop to get your desired output. The duotone textures generate a lot of contrast and can be used for websites, music albums, and smartphone wallpaper.

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