You know one of the most amazing things a graphic designer is able to do is mess around with colors, textures, backgrounds, and end up creating a masterpiece. As it is with art of any kind, a design is always at task to beautify things in the best way possible. In the process, many things are supposed to be used – backgrounds for example. Now we know that a good background has the job. It has to make whatever in the foreground of the design, look good.

Plain Black Grunge Background

Plain Black Grunge BackgroundDownload Button

Black Grunge Sunburst Wallpaper

Black Grunge Sunburst WallpaperDownload Button

Grunge Effect Black Wallpaper for Website

Grunge Effect Black Wallpaper for WebsiteDownload Button

Free Grunge Heart Stock Background Images

Free Grunge Heart Stock Background ImagesDownload Button

Intense Dark Grunge Texture Backgrounds

Intense Dark Grunge Texture BackgroundsDownload Button

Designers are always abuzz with creating and experimenting with backgrounds. And there are many categories and types in that. Today, we are going to be talking about . Not every design needs a background that’s very sleek, shiny and solid. Many a time designs dictate that backgrounds wear the retro look. That’s where grunge comes in. Grunge by definition is anything which looks fashionably outdated.

Black and Green Grunge Wallpaper

Black and Green grunge WallpaperDownload Button

Download High Res Black Grunge Wallpaper Backgrounds

Download High Res Black Grunge Wallpaper BackgroundsDownload Button

Black Damask Grunge Wallpaper

Black Damask Grunge WallpaperDownload Button

Black is versatile color. Understandably black grunge backgrounds are stacked up in innumerable avatars. You have to obviously work tricks to get the desired effects in place in the design. Black has several shades and tones. You can employ whichever suits your background.

Black Grunge Wallpaper

Black Grunge WallpaperDownload Button

HD Black Grunge Background Wallpaper

HD Black Grunge Background WallpaperDownload Button

Download 30 Black Grunge Textures and Patterns

Download 30 Black Grunge Textures and PatternsDownload Button

Abstract Black Grunge Wallpaper Background

Abstract Black grunge Wallpaper BackgroundDownload Button

There’s a very good and large collection of Black grunge Photoshop backgrounds which is readily available on the Web. Designers have put out their works to inspire you. Go ahead and download their works (they all free!) and produce work of your own. The works are amazing, top notch high quality!   

High Res Grunge Black Wallpaper

High Res Grunge Black WallpaperDownload Button

Black grunge Construction Background

Black grunge Construction BackgroundDownload Button

Black Grunge Background for Websites

Black Grunge Background for WebsitesDownload Button

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