Wood Roof textures are inspired by the wooden roof in reality and it is this texture that makes this design so amazing.  For people who want to depict this design in their artwork, there are several wonderful wood textures that will bring a realistic wood effect. With the innate charm of a wood design, graphic artists love to utilize this texture. The high resolution and great quality of these textures makes it a treat for the eyes and enhances the look of your creations.

The various wood roof effects such as thatched, tiles, wood, rusted or metal roof style will make your artworks look amazing. The wood elements in the roof texture give a distinct and surreal look.

Wooden Roof Boards Texture

This dark forest wood texture will help you produce the effect of the woods in your designs. This texture has a grungy effect which is brought about by the dark moss covered wood illustrated in the design.

Wood Slat Roof Textures

This thatched roof texture comes in multiple hues which you can use in your artwork and make them look amazing. These textures come in high definition which adds to the beauty of the vectors.

Pattern Roof Wood

This high resolution wooden thatched roof has a grungy look which is enhanced by the dark wooden hue in the texture. You can use this illustration to portray villages or tree houses.

Wood Planks Beamed Roof Texture

This texture represents wooden planks and has a rich and vibrant colour that gives it a realistic effect. With this vector your designs will look amazing and have the perfect wooden look.

Wooden Ceiling Texture

If you are specifically looking for the texture of a wooden ceiling then this vector will be the perfect choice. The wonderful wooden hue of this planked ceiling will make your designs come to life and breathe beauty.

Wood Plank Roof Texture

The old, dark and patterned wooden plank will be a great addition to a designer’s design kit. This texture can also be used as a theme or wallpaper in mobile applications or websites.

Roof Texture of Slatted Wood Panel

This slatted wood texture has an amazing realistic effect which makes it look wonderful and perfect for design purposes.  This vector is available in high resolution which makes it even better in appearance.

Cedar Shingle Roof Texture

This cedar shingle texture is unique and beautiful with the ability to impress anyone in the first glance.  The wonderful colour palette used in the texture makes it great to be used in backgrounds.

Wood Roofing Pattern

This grey hued thatched roof pattern is a different take on wood roof texture as the greyish black colour palette of this wood roof looks amazing. You can use this texture as backgrounds or as wallpapers.

Wood Planks Painted Roof Texture

This grungy and distressed wood plant texture looks like a beautiful painting. The soothing colour palette of the texture makes it perfect as background for flyers, brochures or any other design material.

Old Roof Texture With Wood Tiles

Old Shingles Roof Covering With Window

There are several high quality templates available in the wood texture which you can download for free and use for personal and commercial purposes. These textures feature the wooden roof in different designs, colours and patterns which can be incorporated in designs easily or designers can improvise this texture in Photoshop.

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