To create a look that roughens the sharpness and crispness of the background, use the free Scratch Textures. As you download any of these templates, use Photoshop to reshape or redefine the lines to create the vintage or the distressed appearance.

Scratched Texture

Scratched Gold Metal Texture

Scratched Metal Texture

Scratched Metallic Texture

Dazzle Texture

Scratched Texture

Scratched Texture

Scrapes and Scratches Texture

Scratched Floor, Scratched Metal, Red Bin Scratch, Green Boat Scratch, Scrapes and Scratches, Scratchy Metal, Rusty Scratches Texture, Dirty scratch are the common ones which can be used to create a different background for grunge websites. For each of these templates, the Scratch textures vary and are available in varying pixels in both JPG and PNG formats for easy usage.

Blue Scratches Texture


Burned and Scratched


Scratched Board Texture

Scratched Texture on White

Slid Scratch Texture

Dust and Scratch Texture

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