The grunge era was a memorable period which still continues to creep and touch the skin of the fashion industry to this very day. It is both haunting and nostalgic. One factor that leads us to grunge feels are Grunge Textures, it is one that is ever so often classified as a specific style due to the connection we establish through its texture that strongly reminds us of its undying fashion.

If you’re seeking comfort and a link to this memorable era, or you just like to soak up in a pool of grunge feels, then feast your eyes on what we have on the list of downloadable Grunge textures that is sure to satisfy your nostalgic thirst! 

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Grungy Rust Texture

Rust Metal Texture

Tileable Rust Texture

Brown Rust Texture

Corrugated Rust Metal Texture



If you have been spending some time on the internet browsing through grungy themed fragments, you will notice that some of these images are created using Paint splatters or Photoshop brushes to create a typically synthetic, urban feel. This is contrary to what we have to offer. If you like raw visuals, e.g., images showing harshness, beaten, scratched, ugly and dirty feel, then you’ve reached your destination!

Put your freak on and collect/select from these downloadable packages we listed just for you! Check out more Free Textures we also offer!

Mix it up!

What sets these images apart from others is that, it comes with the crispest resolution that’s nothing but satisfying to the eyes– imagine feeling these textures with your eyes. They come in wide selections, such as Grungy Rust, Rust Metal, Tileable Rust, Brown Rust, Corrugated Rust, Abstract Rust and many more.

Reinvent It!

Photos used to be hung on walls or placed on a frame or album. But it no longer is the case with today’s evolving technology, you can apply these tasteful rust texture shots on Photoshop art, web design, graphic art, 3D rendering, or even a basic desktop background.

All these textures can opened in common formats, such as PDF, JPEG and PNG.

Rust Textures Pack

Rust Background Texture

Blue Paint Rust Texture

Rust Textures for Photoshop

Abstract Rust Texture


Flexible and Practical

These crisp natural rust images are both easy to download and apply. It can be saved in the formats you prefer, are easy to open and view on any platform you want to use. It is favorable to those who like to change their desktop or mobile wallpapers from time to time, or graphic artists who would find these useful for specific projects, be it for Photoshop art overlay enhancements or 3D art. They are beneficial for novices, enthusiasts and professionals.

  • No matter what age or level of computer literacy you have, the flexibility of use of these images is limitless. You can use them however you like, projects, background or Facebook cover photo etc.
  • They are available in JPEG, PDF and PNG formats– completely safe and readable to all platforms like desktop (PC) and smartphones. These can also be customized and printed on any  paper, tarpaulin and fabric, using a higher resolution.

You don’t need to buy expensive digital cameras or go through the process of editing and amplifying layers and brush tools to recreate a specific texture. Use these instead! It’s only a few clicks of a mouse. You will love it!

For more cool image types, do check out our amazing Gradient Photoshop Textures as well!

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