When you have to create a Vintage or Hipster look, use the High-Resolution Wood Textures to make the project look different. Wood flooring is one of the most common looks preferred by the designers. The different shades of these textures can be downloaded for free and with Photoshop; it is possible to give a seamless look to the digital art projects.

6 Free Aged Vintage Wooden Textures Pack


Curved Wooden Textured Background

curved wooden textured backgroundDownload-button-1311111111111212

6 Free Vintage Wood Texture Pack


Vintage Label on Wooden Background


5 Free High-Res Gritty Vintage Wood Textures


Download 45 Free Vintage Style Wooden Textures


Wood Grain Texture


Bg Vintage Smooth Wood Texture

bg_vintage wood textureDownload-button-1311111111111212

Download 6 Free Vintage Wood Textures Pack

 vintage wood texture packDownload-button-1311111111111212

Aged Vintage Wooden Texture

vintage wood textureDownload-button-1311111111111212

The size of these templates can vary from 2200×1500 PX to 1356×2048 PX and are widely available in JPG formats. You can choose from the different colored wood textures, or make it look like the damaged wood texture – all depending on the what look best!

Download 6 Free Vintage Wood Textures Pack


High-Res Wood Texture

High-Res Wood TextureDownload-button-1311111111111212

Dark Vintage Wooden Texture

Dark Vintage Wooden TextureDownload-button-1311111111111212

Uncut Seamless Wood  Flooring Textures

Uncut Seamless Wood Flooring TexturesDownload-button-1311111111111212

Download 3 Free Seamless Wood Textures

seamless wood texturesDownload-button-1311111111111212

Download 5 Wood and Paint Splatter Textures


Tileable Wood Texture


Old Wood Texture


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