Your company spokesperson let you down? He asked you for a raise? He’s sick? Looking to create a new mascot for your game or website? Well, this post is for you, here are a few vector comic characters we collected from various sites which make up for the perfect mascot for your game or website, you could also use it for  advertising banners.

But first, choose a graphic which is relevant to your design project, you got a wide range to choose from, there are characters like Spartan Warrior, Superheroes, Cavemen, Robots, Monsters and many other Cartoon Characters. Most of these downloadable files are in AI, EPS or SPG. Design your site as memorable as possible by making one of these graphics your main mascot and people will keep coming back to your site. You could even follow some of the tutorials online that show you how to make a graphic illustration, you need to grab a few vector files, put them together and make a mascot of your own. Unless you’re an expert graphic designer, don’t try this on your own. You’re better off with these downloadable illustrator files for now.


Free Vector Spartan Warrior Mascot


Download-button 1


Free Vector Cute Cartoon Girl Characters


Download-button 1


Free Vector Cute Cartoon boy Characters


Download-button 1


Iron Man Vector Character


Download-button 1

Vector Cavemen Illustrations


Download-button 1


Robot Vector Character


Download-button 1


Superhero Vector Character


Download-button 1


PSD Monster Creation Kit


Download-button 1


12 Lego Characters in Pixel Art Style


Download-button 1


Cute cartoon robot vector


Download-button 1


Super cute cartoon girl vector


Download-button 1


Furry Creatures


Download-button 1


Furry Monster creatures kit


Download-button 1


Funny robots avatars


Download-button 1


Funny monsters avatars



Red Fluffy Monster Vector Character


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