All of us have a crazy streak. Gangster images appeal to that subdued ego within us, which makes them a favorite for a big number of people all over the world. These images depicting various acts of the gangsters are perfect for designing a gaming website or for designing a graphic t-shirt, You may also see Superhero Movie Wallpapers

Amazing Gangster Wallpaper

Amazing Gangster WallpaperSource

This image of amazing gangster wallpaper depicts an image straight out of a Sherlock Holmes thriller on a dark London Street. A man in a long coat is seen walking with his head down and a number of corpses lying around. The only source of light portrayed is coming from the headlights of a motor van.

Cartoon Gangster Wallpaper

Cartoon Gangster WallpaperSource

This image of a cartoon gangster wallpaper portrays a bald-headed man standing with a book in his hand inside a depleted room with flames all around him.

Awesome Gangster Squad Wallpaper

Awesome Gangster Squad WallpaperSource

This image of awesome gangster squad wallpaper portrays a scene straight out of a Hollywood flick. Three faces of prominent heroes are shown, each holding a weapon, along with a woman in the bottom portion. The famous “Hollywood” sign appears in the background of the image.

Wanted Gangster Wallpaper

Wanted Gangster WallpaperSource

In this wanted gangster wallpaper, the image is given a vignette effect. It shows a male cartoon figure holding a gun at someone and the scary face of a woman behind him.

American Gangster Wallpaper

American Gangster WallpaperSource

The image used in this American gangster wallpaper is from the movie of the same name. Figures of two men in suits are painted in monochromatic colors. The names of the lead characters appear in the middle portion of the image.

Fantastic Gangster Wallpaper

Fantastic Gangster BackgroundSource

In this image of fantastic gangster wallpaper, a bald-headed man with a spider tattoo on his skull is shown lighting a cigarette. The picture does not have any background and is possibly a digital painting.

Mafia 2 Gangster Wallpaper

Mafia 2 Gangster WallpaperSource

In mafia 2 gangster wallpaper, a dark, gray cloudy sky is used as the backdrop. Two animated characters are shown standing sideways and one of them seems to be pointing a gun to the onlooker. The word  ‘“MAFIA” is inscribed in a very artistic way in the top portion of the poster.

Fabulous Gangster Wallpaper

Fabulous Gangster WallpaperSource

In this version of fabulous gangster wallpaper, different layers incorporated. The background combines images of rain and fire. A bald man with hollow cheeks is shown in the foreground.

Hitman Gangster Wallpaper

Hitman Gangster WallpaperSource

This image of hit man gangster wallpaper shows a typical scene. A bald man, dressed up in a professional suit is seen killing two people with two revolvers in his hands. The victims are shown falling to the ground with blood splattered all over the ground.

Vaas Gangster Wallpaper For Free

Vaas Gangster Wallpaper For FreeSource

Vaas gangster wallpaper shows a real life image of a man facing the camera with a revolver in his hand. One-half of his face is covered with his hand and there is a scar on the other half of his face.

Gangster Wallpaper For Download

Gangster Wallpaper For DownloadSource

This image of gangster wallpaper for download is rather creepy, where a man in a formal suit is shown holding a revolver touching a giant python which seems to be guarding a huge gun.

The Cartel Gangsters Wallpaper

The Cartel Gangsters WallpaperSource

In this image of the cartel gangster wallpaper, four people are shown in a scene. The man in beard is seen looking down on an injured man, while his two other accomplices are shown in the background.

Gangster wallpapers are extremely popular, especially amongst youngsters who love crime thrillers or play video games. These high-quality images of gangsters can simply be used as wallpapers or changed and altered to suit your designing needs.

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