Escapism? That has always been the word associated with superhero fanaticism, but we here don’t believe in such a negative connotation. So if you’re a comic book fanatic, a comic book shop owner, or just someone who wants to embellish your surroundings with superhero worship, then this page is for you.

These 9 Superhero Clip Arts for Download are all here for you to avail. All you need to do is click on the download option and you will be given a choice if you want it in a JPG or PNG format.

We know this is quite an amazing offer. So what are you waiting for!

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Superhero Mask Clip Art


Superhero Girl Clip Art


Superhero Logo Clip Art


Marvel Superheros Clip Art


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  • Protecting their identity. That has been the far cry ever since these masked crusaders came to be, whether inside the realm of comic books or on the big screen. This Superhero Mask Clip Art is a stamp of that belief. That a superhero’s life and his or her private life should be separate.
  • Bird? Plane? Or whatever? The skyline of a city will always be associated with a man and his red cape zooming through the air. So if you’re looking for a Superhero Skyline Clip Art to serve as a backdrop for that meta-human costume party. Kids or adults alike will enjoy this!
  • The logo of a superhero is the symbolic quality which is directly being showcased by the costume that they put on. A large, emboldened insignia will always be present in the superhero’s beefed-up chest. Instantly recognizable is the Superhero Logo Clip Art of the speedster Flash with its lightning bolt over a shield combination.
  • For the record, teachers don’t have a rest day when the last bell of the school year rings. The best of this lot become students like you, as they will be taking classes in their field of teaching along with other educators. Show them your love by downloading this Superhero Clip Art for Teachers and sticking it on the blackboard before the first day of school begins.

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Free Printable Superhero Clip Art


Superhero Clip Art for Teachers


Cartoon Superhero Clip Art


Superhero Words Clip Art


  • Smash! Bonk! Boff! Pow! Those are the Bat-fight words that we have come to adore through the years when the Batman 60s series had its reruns on television. If you’re waxing nostalgic, how about you download this piece of blotter piece courtesy of our Superhero Words Clip Art. This could make a good centerpiece background for your Batman-and-Boy-Wonder themed party.
  • If you, like me, have been bugged by the fact that nobody recognizes Clark Kent as Superman, let’s just give this all a pass, shall we? All he has to do is put on that nerdy pair of glasses and no more Superman! Why don’t you download this image of the “Man of Steel” courtesy of our Free Printable Superhero Clip Art instead of thinking about it?

Yes, some of us lose ourselves in fantastic worlds but we do get a lesson from them. But never forget!

  • All these clip arts here are downloadable at an affordable rate
  • All the images are in editable sizes

Don’t wait for that cape to get caught on that airplane turbine. Get them now!

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