Most of you must have seen designs and artworks made out of the reprographic technique known as halftone, even though you might not know the name of the technique. Basically, halftone is the technique where you use dots of various sizes spaced over the design surface varyingly and thus creating the final design with a kind of gradient touch to it. In this particular article, you can browse through a collection of different halftone vector illustrations that you can either look at or even download to get your hands on them. You may also see Circle Vectors.

These vectors can be used as a design element for some other design, like a brochure or a flyer, or can inspire you to create one of your designs using the same technique to create a logo or other branding work. Scroll through the pages to get a better understanding of how halftone technique works. You can also check out the series of dot vectors and see the similarities and the differences between the two collections.

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Golden Mosaic Halftone Vector

Here is a free download of the vector illustration that shows a golden circle filled with the gradient of black and gold circles of varied sizes. The design looks like a nice album cover. You may also see Swoosh Vectors.

Decorative Halftone Graphics Vector

Here is a collection of 6 different abstract designs filled with halftone patterns and shapes. This vector too is available for free from the below-mentioned link.

Halftone Sphere Dots Vector

Check out the link given below where you can find different file formats to download this halftone vector illustration in.

High Quality Vector Star Halftone

Here is premium vector illustration that uses the halftone technique to create a multicolored star that you can download as an editable vector.

Halftone Graphic Background Vector

Here is another abstract vector that you can download in various sizes from the given link. The design is available as a vector or a jpeg image.

Grungy Halftone Vector Elements Pack

Check out this high-quality stock vector that is filled with dots to create an abstract vector texture.

Halftone Elements Dots Vector

This is a collection of different elements that have been made using the same technique but can be used separately and in different designs as per your requirements.

Vector Illustration of Halftone Dots

You too can create halftone patterns and textures, the plain simple ones. And then you can twist and turn the design using the warp feature in Photoshop to create something like this vector.

Abstract Halftone Vector Design

Here is an abstract vector design that gives quite a radial shape to the design filled with gray dots and circles on a white background. This too is available as a high-quality graphic vector illustration and can be downloaded from the given URL.

Rainbow Color Halftone Shapes Vector

Unlike the previous one, this one has more colors and vibrancy to the design. These colors have been used to create different shapes altogether and looking at them, you too can be inspired to create one for yourself, to add to your portfolio.

Halftone Swirl Vector Design

Like it is mentioned in the introduction itself, this technique can be used to create outstanding logo designs. Well, this might not be something outstanding, but you can get the drift of how the logos work with halftone technique.

Amazing Halftone Circle Vector

Check out this simple halftone circle created with a gradient from pink to yellow. The vector is available for four dollars, but it is very unlikely that you would download it rather than recreating it.

3D Halftone Spheres Vector

Halftone technique can easily give your designs a 3D appeal, just like the vector mentioned at the given link. Download the editable vector or the jpeg that has been optimized for print and web purposes.

Download Halftone Vector

Well, mostly halftone is kept to circular dots that create the overall design, but here you will also see a different shape chosen for the same technique.

Free Halftone Vector Design

The last one in the list is again a free downloadable vector that contains a bunch of stock designs. Check out the link for more download options.

Elegant Halftone Screen Vector

Black & White Halftone Vector

Dynamic Halftone Dots Vector

Collection of Warped Halftone Vector

Awesome Halftone Vector Design

The use of halftone is really a plus point for every designer. This technique can be used to create small elements that will add charm to the overall design. You can even place them as the background or play with colors to give more texture to it. Another common example of using or creating such a vector creates the design of your favorite music artist, like Bob Dylan or Bob Marley, whose faces are too common for the already existing halftone designs.

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