Texture is one of the most essential foundations of design. Designers keep it a point to have a collection of textures to coincide with a given project or theme. For the viewer, it can help set the mood and convey the idea of the design. If you happen to be on the look out for textures for upcoming projects or even your current ones, then you’re on the right page.

Take a look on the best Photoshop Textures we’ve collected for your personal or commercial use. These textures are downloadable in EPs and Vector EPS– ready for editing and overlay!

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Subtle Grunge Texture


Subtle Paper Texture

Subtle Artistic Texture

Black and White Subtle Texture

Subtle Vector Texture


From Basic To Grandiose

Texture plays a big role in every design aspect. Remember those late grade school days when you used to create power point presentations for an assignment that you were given in class?

At some point, we came to realize that selecting background textures to complete a visually enticing presentation for the audience was a crucial aspect of the assignment. You can always come up with the perfect content but without the supporting visuals, there’s always a possibility that viewers or audience may lose interest or not retain any of the information at all; and worse, it can make some people doze off.

All Laid Out

You can never underestimate how  powerfully textures can alter the overall design or presentation. Here is why,

  • It can create an impact on the audience as well as support the details of your presentation.
  • Also, visual appeal is an integral ingredient of every design.
  • Designers have the power to control the audience retention with a stimulating visual element.

Designers have different preferences when undergoing the process of designing, and the requirement may differ with the project’s specifics, one must always deliver cohesiveness to the content. You may opt for vibrant element textures to subtle ones such as that of Subtle Textures

Subtle Halftone Textures

Waves Subtle Textures

Free Hi-Res Subtle Texture


Subtle Fabric Texture


Human Fabricated

The beauty of a subtle texture is, it can play well with just about anything. If you are just starting out on a project and quite unsure on what to lay out for a specific theme, these are the safest options to go for. 

  • For Graphic and Web designers, having this in your toolbox can save you so much time from having to create a plate from scratch. It is made readily available for use, so all you really have to do is download it, improvise, and enhance or edit it the way you want.
  • For regular users, these subtle textures can add as an appealing element to your presentations. Save yourself with the disappointment of downloading random results from the internet–which usually ends up blurry or pixelated when (re)scaled.
  • These list of subtle textures are downloadable in PSD and Vector EPS formats, which are pretty much readable on all platforms.

Up For Grabs

The long search is over; with these subtle textures, relaying a message to your audience or client is a piece of cake! For more options you may also check for Free Textures we also offer. So, stop the delay, and grab these hot offers, and add them to you Photoshop toolbox! You’ll be thankful for these in the future, for sure!

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