There are thousands of stressed brushes in the internet to choose from and each one of them is equally beautiful. When you probe deeper in to the collection of these distressed brushes, you will be in a quandary to choose just one of them. Every one of them has the capacity to change the complete outlook of the design that you are creating. There are several of these free distressed waiting for you to be downloaded.

Dirty Distressed Scratched  Wallpaper

Dirty Distressed Scratched WallpaperSource

Distressed Metal Wallpaper For You

Distressed Metal Wallpaper For youSource

Distressed Wallpaper For Desktop

Distressed Wallpaper For DesktopSource

Distressed Wood Texture Wallpaper

Distressed Wood Texture WallpaperSource

Colorful Distressed Wallpaper

Colorful Distressed Wallpaper


High resolution distressed brush designs

These high resolution brushes of the ABR format have a promising look and they can completely change the look of your design from being unattractive to alluring. You can get hold of any one of them and download them to make your design even more unique than it already is.

Distressed White Paint Wallpaper

Colorful White Paint WallpaperSource

Distressed Rough Wallpaper

Distressed Rough WallpaperSource

Distressed Wallpaper Texture

Distressed Wallpaper TextureSource

Blue Distressed Background

Blue Distressed Background


Rusty Metal Distressed Wallpaper

Rusty Metal Distressed WallpaperSource

These free brushes come in both simplistic as well as high definition looks and you can make your pick according to your favourability. Again, there are several brushes to choose from like matt ones and the glossy ones and you can pick any one of them.

Distressed Brick Wall Wallpaper

Distressed Brick Wall WallpaperSource

Antique Distressed Texture Wallpaper

Antique Distressed Texture WallpaperSource

 Distressed Sun Burst Background

Distressed Sun Burst Background


Distressed Canvas Strokes Wallpaper

Distressed Canvas Strokes WallpaperSource

Distressed Overlay Wallpaper

Distressed Overlay WallpaperSource

If you want to have more than one theme, then also you can interweave two or more high quality distressed brushes together and make them one. Once you set these Photoshop brushes, your device will have an elegant and classy look and the brush itself will demarcate your design from the other designs.

Green Painted Distressed Wallpaper

Green Painted Distressed WallpaperSource

Brick Wall  Distressed Wallpaper

Brick Wall Distressed Wallpaper


Distressed Bright Red Wallpaper

Distressed Bright Red WallpaperSource

Distressed Concrete Wallpaper

Distressed Concrete WallpaperSource

Distressed Wallpaper For Free

Distressed Wallpaper For FreeSource

If you want them on other devices like phones and tablets, then you can have them with ease. Indifferent of which design you pick, it is bound to look good on the creative design.

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