New York, London, Dubai, Tokyo, Shanghai, Paris, Sydney, Montreal – these are just some of the names from the long list of iconic cities in the world. We all love have a dream and desire to visit one or all of the breathtaking cities of the world during the course of our life. You may be doing your bit to achieve that goal of course. Let us suggest you one more Paris Backgrounds. Just pick your favorite city and put its most defining image as your desktop wallpaper.

Chicago Skyscrapers Wallpaper

Chicago Skyscrapers WallpaperSource

Moscow Kremlin Wallpaper

Moscow Kremlin WallpaperSource

So, whenever you get a chance to stare away in your desktop screen, your favorite image of your favorite city will constantly remind you of your desire to go visit there. Taking cue from that, we have enlisted a selection of the most breathtaking city wallpapers which we insist should be your next desktop wallpaper!

Amazing City Wallpaper

Amazing City WallpaperSource

Gdansk Poland Wallpaper

Gdansk Poland WallpaperSource

Chicago Lake Shore Drive City Wallpaper

Chicago Lake Shore Drive City WallpaperSource

New York City Wallpaper

New York City WallpaperSource

The city wallpapers feature images which are powerful and sophisticated. The world’s best cities look good all the time. The wallpapers show the city’s iconic building, structures, monuments, streets, parks, beaches, pubs & bars, nightlife – all sorts of things. All of the city’s sightings in the wallpapers will fuel you’re your desire and passion to go and experience the city someday soon in the future.

Atlanta Skyline Wallpaper

Atlanta Skyline WallpaperSource

Future City HD Wallpaper

Future City HD WallpaperSource

San Diego Skyline Wallpaper

San Diego Skyline WallpaperSource

St Petersburg City Wallpaper

St Petersburg City WallpaperSource

London River Bridge City Wallpaper

London River Bridge City WallpaperSource

The collection we have laid out for you consists of colorful images across varied backdrop, showcasing the city’s glory at different hours in different seasons.Download the HD wallpapers, widescreen desktop wallpapers, high quality wallpapers and catch a glimpse of your favorite on your computer screen all the time!

Singapore City Wallpaper

Singapore City WallpaperSource

Royal Mirage Resort Dubai City Wallpaper

Royal Mirage Resort Dubai City WallpaperSource

Brooklyn Bridge City Wallpaper

Brooklyn Bridge City WallpaperSource

Manhattan Aerial View Wallpaper

Manhattan Aerial View WallpaperSource

City Skyscrapers Wallpaper

City Skyscrapers WallpaperSource

Fantastic City Wallpaper

Fantastic City WallpaperSource

Macau China City Wallpaper

Macau China City WallpaperSource

Doha Qatar HD City Wallpaper

Doha Qatar HD City WallpaperSource

Bangkok City Wallpaper

Bangkok City WallpaperSource

Roxas Boulevard City Wallpaper

Roxas Boulevard City WallpaperSource

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