A blank desktop is no good. A good desktop wallpaper is a great motivator. Here’s why. You may be spending maximum number of hours in front of your computer screen. In between the work hours you may of course feel like minimizing the apps on screen and just reboot your own system for a bit. One of the ways you could do that is by looking at your desktop for a few minutes.  up that inspires and energizes you, well then, well done! In this post we have picked out a handful of outstanding wallpapers where lightning is the hero.

Amazing Lightning Wallpaper

Amazing Lightning WallpaperSource

Lightning in Desert Wallpaper

lightning in Desert WallpaperSource

Thunderstorm with Lightning Wallpaper

Thunderstorm with Lightning WallpaperSource

Lightning Storm Wallpaper

Lightning Storm WallpaperSource

Night Lightning Wallpaper

Night Lightning WallpaperSource

Lightning wallpapers are stunning and interesting visuals. What makes a lightning strike appeal, did you ask? Well, for starters this is a natural phenomenon and as it is with all of nature’s occurrences, lightning too carries visual appeal. If you have ever looked at lightning wallpapers and images and stopped to observe, you would definitely admire them. Lightning is really artwork in motion.

Lightning Strike Wallpaper

Lightning Strike WallpaperSource

Awesome Lightning Wallpaper

Awesome Lightning WallpaperSource

Lightning in Mountains Wallpaper

Lightning in Mountains WallpaperSource

Spectacular Lightning Wallpaper

Spectacular Lightning WallpaperSource

The visual of a single or multiple strikes of bright white light ripping through the skyline, and creating the thunderous thud in its aftermath is nothing less than dramatic. Look out for the color of the skyline when you see lightning wallpaper. The color-play is simply out of this world!

HD Lightning Wallpaper

HD Lightning WallpaperSource

Fantastic Lightning Strike Wallpaper

Fantastic Lightning Strike WallpaperSource

Magnificent Lightning Wallpaper

Magnificent Lightning WallpaperSource

Fabulous Lighting Wallpaper


Stormy Lightning Wallpaper

Stormy Lightning WallpaperSource

The HD wallpapers, widescreen desktop wallpapers, high quality wallpapers which we have lined up for you showcases lightning bolts occurring during different parts of the day and night. They will surely light up your desktop!

Excellent Lightning Wallpaper

Excellent Lightning WallpaperSource

Lightning In The Sky Wallpaper

Lightning In The Sky Wallpaper Source

City Under Lightning Wallpaper

City Under Lightning WallpaperSource

Dangerous Lightning Wallpaper

Dangerous Lightning WallpaperSource

Volcanic Eruption With Lightning Wallpaper

Volcanic Eruption With Lightning WallpaperSource

Beautiful Lightning Wallpaper

Beautiful Lightning WallpaperSource

Mind Blowing Lightning Wallpaper

Mind Blowing Lightning WallpaperSource

Tornado With Lighting Wallpaper

Tornado With Lighting WallpaperSource

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