Adobe CS brushes have extensive customization features. Conventionally it works like you would expect any other brush to work with the use of strokes. There are a large variety of presets that come with it, but it just doesn’t end there.

You can play around with a bunch of options to change the look and feel of each stroke. You can even create random brushes and export or import into Photoshop or Illustrator for a new range of abstract brushes. Here is a compilation of brushes that replicate the design of a rope or chains and it is something that you can use in your next design itself.You may also see Line Brushes.

Ropes and Chains Photoshop Brushes

You will find a series of Photoshop brushes that are made up of various ropes and chains. These brushes are highly detailed and are available in an equally high resolution.You may also see Corner Brushes. 

Download Curl Rope brushes

Here is a digitally designed series of rope brushes that is available in four different formats for using them as an editable vector or a high-resolution jpeg image.

Amazing Chained Rope brushes

Download one single ABR file to get hold of 10 different rope and chain brushes for Photoshop that is available to you for free from the given link.

Photoshop Rope Brushes Illustrator

Check out this cool collection of 9 different rope brushes that can be downloaded in different colors and types, some being smooth, while others being rough.

Rope Vector Brushes

Here are illustrations of 22 different rope brushes that you can use for Adobe Illustrator. These brushes will definitely funk up your design.

Climbing Rope Brushes

Download the high-quality brush designs of these nine different colorful cords with random patterns on them from the given link.

Nautical Rope Photoshop Brushes

Here is a professional collection of eight rope brush styles that even include angled work for you to cater the edges and shapes.

High Quality Rope Brushes

This is another collection of rope brushes that you can use for Adobe Illustrator. These rough designs are set in a rustic and retro look.

Hand Drawn Rope Brush

Check out this hand-drawn series of ropes and ribbons with intricate details that will make your design catch everyone’s eyes.

Cable Rope Brushes

Here is a wide variety of brushes. To be precise, there are 43 of them. And this comprehensive collection will mostly solve the purpose you are looking it for.

Fancy Rope Brush Set

This collection is quite fancy because of the detailing and the knots in the design. Check it out here.

High Resolution Rope Brushes

Add some grunge and rock to your design with these equally 14 versatile brushes that are compatible with your Illustrator.

Vintage Rope PS Brushes

Check out this vintage rope style that is mostly outline and a little bit of shading. Download the high-quality brushes from the given download link.

Chain String Rope Brush

If you are hoping to create your brush style and want to look at a starter’s package then this might be it.

Rope Brushes Free Vector

Here are brushes for rope and cane designs that are available for free to use. Download them from the given link.

Vector Frame Rope brushes

High resolution Rope Brushes

Barbed Wire and Ropes Brush Pack

Seamless Rope brushes Set

12 Knotted Braids Brushes

With the use of these ropes, you can now add amazing borders and outline frames to your designs. For some reason, these brushes can add a really vintage and retro look to your design. And when it comes to borders, it can always be played away from the straight lines. You can also check out our series of star brushes to add zing and bling to your designs.

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