The beauty of cards is its overall variety; application of different design styles, a broad selection in terms of size as well as despite its compact size for a medium, it serves an array of purposes and agenda. Cards are an effective medium to use for corporate identity, greeting cards and so on. When it comes to crafting designs for cards, it should also demonstrate brilliant and eye-catching designs to counteract such practical utilization. With that said, we might be able to get you by in your search and designing process.

Down below, we have curated a list of card designs that features a lineup of design styles and different uses are it greeting cards, corporate identity and so on. All of which are provided in a downloadable format.

You may freely download our list of business card design ideas that will be of great help for your branding and design projects. The samples could also be used as design references and for future projects.

A Line-Up of Business Card Designs

Business cards are an important branding collateral as it best represents your brand to clients and potential prospects. As well as a visual reminder that your products and services are up and ready for utilization. Business cards boast an extensive design treatment with a great understanding of one’s brand. It houses important details that will come in handy for clients in terms of communication.

As well as if a business card is inclusive of the call to action elements, it would be easy for users to browse through be it their website, social media accounts, portfolio and so on. If you have trouble in crafting such branding collateral, we have listed the common blunders applied on designing business cards which be of great help in producing a high-impact and well-designed business card designs.

With no further ado, we have gathered a lineup of business card designs that are inclusive of a PSD file format for easy customization and to help you get by your design process.

Rustic Business Card Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed


Vintage Style Business Card Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed


Simple Social Media Business Card Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed


Rose Pattern Business Card Design

Envelope Business Card Mockup Design

Elegant Business Card PSD

Free Business Card Design

 Marble for Business Card Design

Geometric Shapes Business Card Design

Highly Customizable Vintage Hipster Business Card

Vintage Business Card PSD Template

An Assortment of Greeting Card Designs

Is there a place for greeting cards in a fast-paced world and in an age of technology and broad use of virtual programs? Let us imagine a scenario of picking mail, in an array of bills is inclusive of a creative greeting card. Instantly, the recipient feels much better knowing that someone made such efforts to send a special and more personal message for you.

Reverting back to our first question, such emotional response from receiving greeting cards would not be as measured and would be difficult to create in a virtual way of communicating. Who would have thought that a greeting card could do so much? With that said, we have prepared an assortment of greeting card designs for a more personal and direct conveying of great wishes to your designated recipient.

Greeting Cards for the Holidays.

Directly below, the list of greeting cards features a variety of styles be it a prominent use of typographical elements, illustration, application of retro design style and so on. Most of which you may freely customize to match your design preference and for the placement of technical elements. With no further ado, scroll down below to bask in the beauty of the following samples of greeting cards dedicated to the holidays.

We also have prepared sets of elegant holiday card designs that features events such as friendship day, Father’s day, birthdays and so on. You may use such selection for design projects and for future references and resources.

Invitation Greeting Card Mockups

Greeting Cards for Birthdays.

Birthdays are one special occasion to celebrate and be invited to. It is that time in a year wherein family and friends come to celebrate the maturity and growth of the celebrant. For kids, birthdays can be a different perception among adults since the celebration is more of a light-hearted nature. In this case, the list of greeting cards is dedicated for children.

We have collected an assortment of birthday greeting cards to convey great wishes to the celebrant as well as the recipient. All of which are showcased in various design styles without discrediting the lighthearted and fun nature of children’s parties.

You may also help yourself with our list of mermaid invitation cards for a more extensive design selection. We promise you, all of the samples are provided in a downloadable format for easy utilization.

Little Mermaid Gold & Glitter Party Invitation

Lighthearted Birthday Greeting Cards

Happy Birthday Greeting Card Design

Kid’s Birthday Card Designs

Greeting Cards for Special Occasions.

In this list, we have prepared greeting cards for special occasions such as Mother’s Day and for the Easter celebration. As well as designs that receive an illustrative take on greeting cards since these special occasions are best represented through this type of design style for its carefree and natural appearance.

If you are looking for greeting cards dedicated to the Father’s day celebration, then look no further. For a more personal and humorous take on father’s day, we have collected a heap of puny thank you cards as well as dad bod greeting cards dedicated to our awesome patriarchs and father figures.

Valentine Card Design Mockup PSD

A Set of Illustrated Easter Greeting Card

A Collection of Invitation Card Designs.

Invitation cards are inclusive of important information for the readers to skim through for whatever purpose or agenda it is presented. The aforementioned is a practical medium to use in informing potential guests regarding any upcoming event at hand. While invitation cards are practical, it offers a one-way communication towards the reader and the invitee.

Keep in mind to be direct in terms of the placement of the information and attention grabbing with the application of the design allowing a conducive and measured response. To help you get by we have listed a collection of invitation card designs that range from weddings, birthday parties and other special occasions and events at hand.

Invitation Cards for Weddings.

Wedding invitation cards carry a set of compact mediums to allow a one-way communication with the recipient and the sender. Thus, any further questions or notices can be answered with the provided cards or be directed to the sender. In the lineup of wedding invitation cards, the latter is inclusive of the following: rsvp card, location or address sketch, menu card, table card and more importantly, invitation card.

In our list of wedding invitation cards directly below, all of which are inclusive of other wedding collaterals such as menu card, rsvp card, table cards and so on. As well as we have gathered wedding card designs that has a more personal taste and art direction to match one’s design preference or at least beyond what is commonly done for wedding card designs.

You may also skim through our list of wedding invitation mockups for a more extensive design selection.

Gold Floral Wedding Invitation Card Designs

Vintage Map Wedding Invitation Card

Traditional Style Wedding Invitation Card

Black and Gold Floral Wedding Card Invitation Design

Invitation Cards for Special Events and Occasions.

Whether it be for awarding ceremonies or a family gathering, invitation cards offer an organized process and formal request of a potential guest to a said event or occasion. Invitation cards receive a design treatment that best describes the event visually as well as placement of the important details offering the recipient a notice be it the locale, motif, time and so on.

In our heap of invitation cards directly below, we have gathered card designs perfect for holiday celebrations, anniversaries, event or awarding ceremonies and so on. You may freely use the following samples in our list of invitation cards with touches of sparkles from here to there. The list ranges from birthdays, weddings and other special occasions.

Holiday Party Invitation Card Template

Vintage Anniversary Invitation Card Template

Baby Shower Watercolor Invitation Card

A Heap of Menu Card Designs.

In a situation where our hunger and cravings are induced, we can’t help but immediately ask for the restaurant’s menu card. A glimpse on the menu card makes or breaks our decision as to which sustenance to order as well as our reaction to the food and beverages business itself. We say, don’t overlook such medium for it houses the dishes available at your service and might affect the perception and taste of a certain food.

In our list down below, we have prepared a heap of menu card designs that will be of great help in utilizing for restaurants, holiday specials as well as brand identity examples. The list also features the application of various design styles and the type of business it caters.

If you are looking for more design options for your menu card, don’t fret because we have more offerings we’re glad to share with you. We have listed a collection of appealing menu card designs to help you in getting by a great restaurant experience for your loyal customers and potential guests.

Food Menu Card PSD Template

Liquors, Cocktails, Drinks Menu Card Design

Photographic Bakery Cafe Branding PSD Mock-ups

Minimal Take on Decorative Wedding Invitation

A List of Card Designs for Every Other Purposes.

Cards, despite its compact size, could be used for other purposes as well. In this list of card designs displayed above, we have dabbled on business cards, greeting and invitation cards. We do know the ability and the many purposes we can do with cards. The possibilities are endless with its utilization and so is the application of design in this given cards but what else can we use it for?

We have gathered a list of card designs for every other purpose such as financial and commercial transactions, formal and official entry and so on. Most of the samples are available in a downloadable format and provide options for customization. You may freely use these card design samples for design references, design presentations and more importantly as future references and resources.

Haven’t found what designs you were looking for? We might be able to help with such. We have gathered a collection of membership card designs you may use for your business tactics and so on.

Membership Bank Credit Card Mock-up Design

Postcard Envelope Mockup Designs

Postcard Invitation Mock up Design

Key Card Holder Mockup Design

Tell me more!

Still, haven’t decided which card design to use? To help you get by, let us break down some of the examples we think are great selections to consider in utilizing.

If you are looking for a classic design for your corporate identity, we recommend The Use of Marble for Business Card Design for its simplicity and minimal design style. Despite it being a classic take on branding collaterals, the reference of a material (Marble) creates a statement to its appearance.

For a time-traveling feel to your greeting card design, the Assortment of Nine PSD Vintage Christmas & New Year Greeting Cards is a special design option to consider. The set of nine vintage greeting cards features an editable text and objects. And all the background photos are included in the set.

To fulfill the celebrant’s under the sea fantasy, the Printable Little Mermaid Gold & Glitter Party Invitation Template is a perfect pick. As presented above, it is dedicated for kids but you may also utilize such card design for events that pertain to the theme. The possibilities are endless in terms of design and utilization.

If you want a high-quality Easter celebration greeting card, then the Set of Illustrated Happy Easter Greeting Card Designs Available in PSD File Format might be for you. The set offers a 100% high-quality design which is you may see once you zoom into the design. As well as it also comes in color and design variations for a more extensive selection.

One of the first things to decide when it comes to planning a wedding is the theme. Which will pave the way in visualizing the event as well as preparing for the locale and in this case wedding invitations?

As presented above, we wanted to showcase a different take on wedding card designs. But we thought you might love the Green Foliage Wedding Invitation Suite for its simplicity and how natural and carefree it brings about in its execution. It offers a fuss-free exterior to pave the way in placing the technical elements on a quiet background for readers to easily skim through the entire content.

For a truly unique card design, the Golden Pin Design Award Ceremony Invitation is an amazing sample for interactive invitation design. The latter is Chinese based in which the designers are clever enough to incorporate Chinese typographical elements as a tool to provide an interactive activity with the design.

The layout might seem simple but it does utilize the minuscule space provided as well as it incorporated the necessary details needed for the invited guest.

When it comes to menu cards, it is best to represent as well as sell your dishes and assortment of food to your customer right off the bat. That is why we recommend the 13 Photographic Bakery / Cafe Branding PSD Mockups as a design reference for menu cards.

It offers enough pages to describe the products (this also ensures that customers could enjoy their food as well as be aware of the ingredients used. Especially for customers that may have specific food allergies) and allow more visuals to be placed on the medium.

Lastly, on our list, the Conference VIP Pass ID Card Design Available in PSD format offers a practical design for quick recognition in terms of entry. This specific card design comes along with more color variations to distribute other types of special entry and for an extensive selection.

We hope that this list of card designs (which are provided in a PSD file format) are of great help for your design projects. You may freely use the samples as future resources.

We have one last offering to share with you. For a more appealing design treatment for business and marketing techniques, we have listed a heap of gift cards and voucher design ideas to help you get by.

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