Gift your loved ones with the most personal card you can make, with these free templates as your base. These printable Gift Card Designs, free and easy to download, are just what you are looking for. Your friends and family mean the most to you, so show how much they mean to you with personalized and customized cards for this Easter or Christmas or even for their wedding for your shop. They can be edited to suit your company colors too.

Free Vector Gift Card

Free Vector Gift Card

These free gift cards are available in four bright and attractive colors for your use. They are rectangular, with round corners, and the elements in the gift card include a shopping bag with star decorations and other shapes. You may also see Free Printable Gift Tags.

Fancy Gift Card Designs

Free Fancy Gift Card Design

These set of gift card templates are available in three design variations and in three bright colors of blue, green and red. They are available I EPS format and can be easily downloaded and edited for your use. You may also see Holiday Cards.

Elegant Birthday Gift Card

Free Birthday Gift Card

This customized gift card is cute and is available in high resolution. The elements on the card are three colorful sheep with a birthday cake, appearing to be made by a child with colored pencils.

Free PSD Gift Card

Free PSD Gift Card Template

This gift card template is classy, with the main color combination of a maroon red, with glittery blue and yellow ribbon tied as part of the vector. This gift vector is available in PSD format for easy use.

Wedding Stationery Gift Card

Free Wedding Gift Card

This wedding gift card is done with elegance and class. The colors used for the stationary are a pale cream, with light brown writing in orange & brown color with elegant writing font.

Set of Christmas Gift Cards

Free Christmas Gift Card

This set of customized gift card templates is cute and pretty. The white background is filled with small vectors of related items, like gifts, Christmas trees, baby items, for different uses like baby showers, birthdays, Christmas etc.

Free Anniversary Gift Card

Free Anniversary Gift Card

This anniversary card template is in a cardboard background, with minimal decorations or elements, which makes this vector class. This can be customizable and made more personal by adding your picture.

Blank Gift Card with Ribbon

Free Blank Gift Card

This card template is a plain black gift card template, with a shiny red ribbon tied in the corner. This vector is easy to download and customize to suit your terms for your shop.

Free Thank You Gift Card

Free Thank You Gift Card

This Thank you gift card is simple, with a solid color of a bright ocean blue dominating the card. The fonts and the designs used are simple and semi-formal. It can also be used for various purposes.

Golden Gift Card Design

Free Golden Gift Card Design

This gift card is given in a soft gold, which is simply too beautiful. This can be used for jewelry store or any parlor for girls. The golden card is filled with star vectors which are beautiful.

Free Holiday Gift Card

Free Holiday Gift Card

This gift card is practical and simple, with a color combination of white and a dark blue. The background is made with white, with light blue icicles. This is professional looking and perfect for those purposes.

Valentine Day Gift Card

Free Valentine Day Gift Card

This Valentine’s Day gift card is elegant and attractive to the eye. The card is done in a simple black color for the background, with red hearts and the terms given in yellow. The card is matte finish, making it classy.

Free Target Gift Card Design

Free Target Gift Card Design

This gift card design is cute and pretty, with the main colors used as yellow, blue and white. The gift card has a birthday party elements design on it, which is placed strategically over the card.

Typography Mothers Day Gift Card

Typography Mothers Day Gift Card

Nothing says ‘best mom ever’ like a gift card which allows them to get garden stuff as gifts. This customized gift card is a mother’s day special; the card is done with a grass on brown earth style.

Free Luxury Gift Card

Free Luxury Gift Card

This gift card tag is beautiful, with its soft sandy gold background, with brown writings, in a curly and a calligraphy font. The gift tag is available in EPS format and can be easily edited to suit your needs.

Download Printable Gift Card

Free Printable Gift Card

This printable card design is available in a large size, with the colors of a soft gold as the primary background. The card is written on with a light brown colored font, professional and this makes this perfect for weddings.

Colorful Gift Card Design

Free Colorful Gift Card Design

This gift card template is available in a shiny and bright green card and a big golden ribbon tied around the card. This template is available in many sizes and is available in EPS format.

Digital Gift Card for Free

This digital gift card is modern and simple. The colors used are bright orange, which stands out with the white background. The font used is modern and friendly. This gift card can easily be edited and is perfect for traveling gift cards.

Free Ribbon Bow Gift Card

Free Ribbon Bow Gift Card

This bow gift card is simply beautiful. Set on a white background with a soft blue bow, this gift card can be used for Christmas or any sale. The vector is available in many shapes and in EPS format.

Free Gift Card Design

Free Gift Card Design

This gift card design is simple and classy. The background of the gift card is pale blue, with a dark blue writing and a ribbon tied to the same color. The gift card vector uses a simple font for the message.

These free cards to download are available for any situation, whether you want something official looking for business deals for their conferences or something to set the holiday mood for your customers. These special gift cards are beautiful and one of its kind and the best part is that they are completely free! You may also see Birthday Cards.

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