Another year has passed, and a new one has come. Another string of 300+ days to endure and celebrate. With that comes the several days in those 300+ ones when someone is celebrating more so than most other beings—human or not. I’m talking about an arms-flailing, feet-kicking, body-swaying, shoe-stomping kind of a celebration.

That spells no other than a B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y!

But for those of us among the celebrant’s “nearest and dearest,” we are yet again stumped as to how we are supposed to live up to the birthday hype.

Well, perhaps with these free Birthday Cliparts, you can deliver your well wishes fuss-free!

Free Happy Birthday Clipart

Free Happy Birthday Clip Art


Happy Birthday Animated Clipart

Happy Birthday Animated Clip Art


Happy Belated Birthday Clipart

Happy Belated Birthday Clip Art


Happy Birthday Banner Clipart

Happy Birthday Banner Clip Art


Happy Birthday Flowers Clipart

Happy Birthday Flowers Clip Art


The Happy in “Happy Birthday!”

Gone are the days of actually making cards to put that smile on your best friend’s face. Even walking down the Hallmark card section of your local bookshop or school supplies store to choose the appropriate greeting card for your five nephews has proved to be a tedious chore. Birthday greetings are now reduced to “happy bday” or, God forbid, “HBD!” (they don’t even bother to capitalize it anymore!) on a schoolmate’s Facebook timeline. And let’s be honest, who really sends out e-cards?

Well, who says we have to stick with the times? Let’s make bithday greetings great again!

With our collection of free-to-download “Happy Birthday!” clip arts, you can do that sans the hassle. These birthday clip arts are:

  • FUN. Um, hello? Balloons. Nuff said.
  • EFFORTLESS. All you have to do is download, so yeah.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE. Y’know, you can at least put in a bit more effort. Say, add in a few Pizza Cliparts and/or Stars Clipart.

And they make you look like a very thoughtful person.

You have options to choose from here. Hell, there’s even something for you late greeters out there! (Can I get a nod for the “Happy belated birthday” one? Haha!)

Happy Birthday Border Clipart

Happy Birthday Border Clip Art


Happy Birthday Cake Clipart

Happy Birthday Cake Clip Art


Black and White Happy Birthday Clipart

Happy Birthday Black and White Clip Art

Happy Birthday Glitter Clipart

Happy Birthday Glitter Clip Art


Happy Birthday Cartoon Clipart

Happy Birthday Cartoons Clip Art


The Toothier the Grin

Taking the thoughtfulness of a custom greeting and the convenience of the Internet for, well, these clip arts and for the delivery, you can now proceed to making a lot of people happy! (For those of you with a special lady friend in mind, you can up that “Happy Birthday!” with these Flower Clip Arts as well. And—please—real flowers.)

Yes, ultimately, you are doing this to make another person happy. You may not give two squats about said person, but being able to make another human being smile is quite a worthy endeavor.

You’ll never know what dumb luck your classmate may have gotten into on the very day he should be smiling like a loon. You’ll never know what drama your coworker is facing back at home, where she should have been woken up with a chorus of “Happy birthday to yooou!” You’ll never know what problems your best friend may be dealing with on a day she should be blowing out candles instead of blowing into wads of tissue.

You’ll never know, right?

So make it your mission to turn that frown upside-down, that grin into a double chin! Consider it your good deed of the day.

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