Ever wonder if your words just aren’t enough? (I feel like that could be lyrics to a song or something.) Ever think that no matter how sincere and genuine your gratitude is, the words “Thank you” just don’t seem to cut it?

Perhaps our collection of free downloadable, printable Thank You clip arts here may be just what you’re looking for! Yes, you got that right. They are free, and you may do with them as you please. (Oh, for that friend you haven’t seen in a while and you’ve subjected strictly to the Facebook greeting privilege, these Birthday Cliparts are just what you need.)

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Free Thank You Clipart


Animated Thank You Clipart


Funny Thank You Clipart


Thank You Border Clipart


Variety is the Spice

As the old adage says, variety is indeed the spice of life. With tons of these undeniably charming and absolutely adorable bits of art, you have all that you need to “spice up” your humble thank-yous.

You have lots of options here. Any one of these beautiful thank you clip arts will surely up your thanking game (if that even is a thing).

  • A mix of artful, bold lettering and equally bold colors make for a wonderful greeting on its own.
  • The whole minimalist and rather meta variant of an opened envelope with a piece of paper containing the words “Thank You!” is perfect for you custom nuts out there.
  • Of course, what other being than man’s best friend shows more gratitude? Show that awesome person how thankful you are with any of our pup-tastic illustrations!
  • The black-and-white offerings are perfect for those of you who prefer a clean and crisp look or prefer to make the color selections.
  • Puns are always appreciated, so thank your friend by saying that you hope he had a “hoot of a time!”
  • The Santa’s helper, paired off with these Santa Cliparts, and “Thank you, Teacher!” options are perfect for teaching your little ones to be thankful to the people who’ve touched their lives somehow (even if one of them is fictional).

Thank You Teacher Clipart


Thank You Card Clipart


Goes beyond What You Were Thankful For

Colorful or black and white, simple or grand, punny or straightforward, Cartoon Cliparts or bold lettering clip artswe leave it up to you to decide.

You have your pick of the litter with these beautiful thank you clip arts!

Ultimately, you might even choose to forego the clip arts. (But then again, it’s nice to have these handy, yes?) One main takeaway here, though is this: don’t pass up the chance to thank someone, whether that person may have:

  • given you something that’s been on your bucket list for ages,
  • put in a good word for you at the company you wanna work for,
  • taken time out of his/her day to comfort you in your time of distress,
  • or defended you in front of naysayers.

All the same, that person actually thought about you, considered how you were feeling. That alone should make you burst at the seams, be overflowing with gratitude.

So return that good deed with a simple one of your own. Say thank you.

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