Thanks to an old Christmas poem, we were given the who’s who of the reindeer’s that were part of Santa Claus’ sleigh team. There were eight of these magnificent beasts who in the lore were able to fly, thus pulling the carriage into the air.

We are offering here a compilation of 9 truly adorable clip arts that are the cut-out images of those reindeer. What do we really know about them? Their sled-pulling attributes? Their discrimination towards those with red noses? We hope that as you scroll down our compilation of images you can also garner true facts about “rangifer tarasndus.”

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Reindeer Face Clip Art


Printable Reindeer Clip Art


Free Christmas Reindeer Clip Art


On a Foggy Night, They Pull the Sleigh

  • The How to Identify Clip-Art

The beloved Christmas icon, Rudolph, is the so-called answer to “The Ugly Duckling Story” for four-legged mammals. Beyond this tale, reindeer are sometimes confused with the caribou. A reindeer has a short face and muzzle while a caribou has a more heavy-set appearance. How about this cute little red-nosed mammal in this image entitled “Reindeer Face Clip Art?” Will you mistake this for the latter? How about this “Printable Reindeer Clip Art”  or this “Reindeer Head Clip Art?” Don’t they immediately belong to Santa’s sleigh?

  • Beyond the Rough and the Rugged There Is the Humorous

Looking for a really cartoonish representation of this hoofed-mammal found in the arctic region? Try our “Black and White Reindeer Clip Art” or this “Cartoon Reindeer Clip Art.” It may at first seem laughable because the illustration may not seem to survive the cold and rugged conditions of the arctic but believe us, in real life it can!

  • Selling the Drama

An image that is all black and is surrounded by a white background can sometimes create a whimsical pattern when viewed. Just like this “Reindeer Silhouette Clip Art.” Upon viewing the two-toned black and white hues convey a sense of depth and texture despite the eccentric overtones.


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Cartoon  Reindeer Clip Art


Black and White Reindeer Clip Art


Animated Reindeer Clip Art


Funny Reindeer Clip Art


Decorate and Retell That Flying Sleigh Story

How do you use these images which mostly would convey an atmosphere that is smooth like a white blanket covering all over the earth? What would be the best suggestions on our part? Will this help you out when the creative flame has fanned-out? Yes, it will. Read on!

  • For Those Who Have Room for Rent

Are you running a vacation hostel? In need to spruce-up that void on the passageway that leads to your establishment’s rooms. How about you print any image of your choice as they are all available in the following formats: PNG, JPG, and EPS. They are all customizable in size, so you can easily throw them together as a wallpaper. Download. Customize. Print. Use a roller and paste them.

  • Invoke Nostalgia in Your Establishment

Does your pub need a real Christmas atmosphere for the holidays? We know it isn’t just about that festive cocktails but how you spruce up the image of your establishment for that genuine holiday spirit? All the downloads are editable and you can add a jubilant text greeting of your choice.


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