Are you thinking of having a permanent body modification? Are you considering a 3-dimensional design? Have you been looking around and had come across this page? I tell you, my friend, you were brought here by fate. Prepare yourself for what we are about to unravel in this 3D Tattoo listings. Enjoy this compilation and don’t forget to download your choice of design before hitting the ink parlor.

The files on this list are supported by PSD and Vector EPS for easy saving and printing. Feel free to check our Tattoo Illustration Designs as well.

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3D Butterfly Tattoo


3D Tribal Tattoo


Dragon 3D Tattoo


3D Heart Tattoo


Fact Check

  • The 2014 poll revealed that 23 percent of the population have tattoos and 38 percent of those people are at the age group of 18-39. This survey clearly shows that body modification such as tattoos is one of the trademark trends of the 21st millennials.
  • The modern generation’s fascination for tattoos lies on the statistical proof and within the bailiwick of emotional or spiritual development.

Look Alive!

  • Name stamp

Instead of the usual flat design, make it look alive just like the 3D Name Tattoo for a more interesting look.

  • Butterfly Landing

Make the regular butterfly design have a realistic feel, having the landing illusion on your arm like the 3D Butterfly Tattoo.

  • Heart Out

Go for an appealing Ed hardy inspired 3D heart tattoo with a quote. It will look edgy and cool on you for sure.

  • Inner Superhero

If you are a fan of superheroes like Spiderman, take inspiration from 3D Spiderman Tattoo which has that ripped-skin illusion. People who will see it the first time will surely be in awe.

  • Skin Engraved

There’s nothing cooler than letters designed as if it were engraved on wood or, in this case, on the skin like the 3D Tattoo for Men. It will make the word “Cool” inadequate for the amazing illusion it brings.


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Best 3D Tattoo for a Girl


3D Cross Tattoo


3D Spiderman Tattoo


3D Tattoo for Men


Flower 3D Tattoo


Nobody’s Business

Regardless of the story and reasons for having a tattoo, it just simply provides an endearing of identity. It is personal, interesting and enlightening. The meaning can change over time and relatable to some situations.

Fill in Your Tank

If you need to fuel the confidence up or you need a little encouragement to push through with your body art plans, here are some of the reasons why you need not to worry.

  • Free will

If this is your way of expressing yourself, then follow your heart. Show off your beautiful works of art and be proud! Don’t mind what other people may think, you don’t owe them any explanation.

  • Dedication

One of the reasons why some people get a tattoo is to have a constant reminder of their dear someone who just passed away.

  • Self Reminder

You can choose a tattoo that will remind you of your accomplishments. This way, you can just look at your ink and be reminded to stay strong when in a tough phase.

So before you hit the tattoo salon, contemplate on what design you want permanently. Do not make rush decisions to avoid regrets. You can start by choosing from our list, download it, print it and you may show it to your tattoo artist. If you want to see more life-like tatoo designs, do see our list of 3D Butterfly Tattoos.

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