Are you looking for an edgy design for a t-shirt print? As a social worker involved in community art projects are you running out of ideas of what designs to talk about for the next outreach program? Does anything associated with the fictional superhero Batman pique your interest?

Are you planning to ask us what our answer will be to queries about this winged mammal? If yes, then continue scrolling down because we are offering new downloadable vectors of these dark fluttering creatures.
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Flying Bat Silhouette

Flying Bat Silhouette

Halloween Bat Silhouette

Halloween Bat Silhouette

Hanging Bat Silhouette

Hanging Bat Silhouette

Bat Silhouette Free Vector

Bat Silhouette Free Vector


Flap Your Way Into Our Leathery Collection

  • Cool Black Things With Wings

Anyone who has seen a bat in flight will be in awe of how impressively it performs aerial acrobatics. Its leathery wings maneuvering its bony body in air. Just like what is being depicted on this “Flying Bat Silhouette.”

  • Those Who Fly in the Dark of Night

The history that links the bat and Halloween will always connote an ominous association for almost everyone. Maybe this is because the bat is a nocturnal creature and everything that loves the dark will always be lumped together with something that is evil or sinister. Take this “Halloween Bat Silhouette” for example.

  • No Such Thing as Dizzy Boy

They don’t just flap their way easily into the night, bats also have a peculiar way of sleeping. They hang upside down! This is because these creatures can’t support their weight in an upright stance. While in such a resting state, bats normally wrap themselves tightly with their wings. This is probably how the Batman got his design for his cowl, inspired by the “Hanging Bat Silhouette” image perhaps?

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Bat Silhouette Clip Art

Bat Silhouette Clip Art

Black Bat Silhouette

Black Bat Silhouette

Sleeping Bat Silhouette

Sleeping Bat Silhouette

Bat Silhouette Tattoo

Bat Silhouette Tattoo

Cartoon Bat Silhouette

Cartoon Bat Silhouette


Get Batty With These Bat Images

Bats are associated with scare-tastic ideas, and not just Halloween, but rabies, biting cattle, and even Bram Stoker’s Dracula. These bat images maybe the flipside to all those urban legend nonsense. Below we suggest some ways you can benefit from our terrific offerings of “Bat Vectors.” Read up, then download!

  • For those darkly themed-parties

Planning to hold a spooky party with your friends. Put these vectors to use as you bewitchingly brew a scare fest in your neighborhood even if November is still a few months away.

  • For those visual images at work

Running out of a macabre design for a web banner. Need a screensaver that would bite the daylights out of you immediately. How about that Power Point presentation? Need something to knock the socks off all those always distracted co-workers? Use these!

  • For that ink addiction

Any of these 9 vector designs of bats can be the next skin art to be tattooed on your body. Did you ask us how? Easy! Pick your choice. Download, print, and give the image to your trusted skin art artist.


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