With the movie releases of everything from the DC and Marvel universe in the past three years or so, the fandom of the top-dog superheroes has been revived, with more vim and vigor than ever before, and the rivalries…well, you probably already get where this is headed. But I think you’ll be of the same mind that there’s not a superhero clash more sensationalized than that of Batman and Superman (Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice ring a bell?).

But before you prep your opening statements and rebuttals as I assume the last sentence will incite quite a debate, you may wanna check out this collection of the 8+ best Batman Silhouettes. These Free Silhouette Designs come in PNG, JPG, Vector EPS, AI Illustrator, etc. formats—a super collection for super design needs!

Batman Comic Silhouette


Batman Title Silhouette


Batman Silhouettes 5 Ways

With something like silhouettes, wherein the subject matter is typically a dark figure—think of a more defined shadow—it’s obvious how perfect that is in this collection as Batman is all about mystery and intrigue. And one more thing that’s obvious? The variety of the designs in all these Batman silhouettes, of course! (Yes, these Deer Silhouettes as well.)

  • Batman Poses

As you can see in “Batman Logo Silhouettes” and “Batman Title Silhouette,” Batman is depicted in various states of an action sequence, the latter being perhaps his after-win stance. And I’m not sure whether “Heroic Batman Silhouette” is one of Batman or one of a fanatic apprentice since the dude seems to be wearing office slacks and channeling crouching tiger hidden dragon instead.

  • Batman Closeups

See Batman up close and personal in “Batman Comic Silhouette,” and check out that muscular jaw in “Batman Head Silhouette.”

  • Batman Logo

You may have seen one of the logos featured in “Batman Silhouettes in PNG” as the Bat signal in one of the episodes you have gotten to watch when you were younger.

  • Cartoon Bat

“Batman Cartoon Silhouettes” seems to be leaning more toward Dracula than Batman, don’t you think?

  • Superhero Gradient

In “Batman Character Silhouette,” you get Batman and a couple of his friends in a seemingly fog-filled scene.

Batman Cartoon Silhouettes


Batman Character Silhouette


Heroic Batman Silhouette


The Deal with Batman Silhouettes

Perhaps you haven’t really thought about this from the get-go, but these Batman silhouettes are actually quite versatile. (So are these Animal Silhouettes.) And to prove to you that I’m telling you the truth—y’know, unlike the lying scum of Gotham—here are some suggestions:

  • Batman Silhouette Vectors

If you have to work on some sort of Batman graphic design or illustration project, feel free to check out the number of Batman silhouette vectors we have here just for you! This way, you don’t have to work at a snail’s pace by dong things the old-fashioned way: searching for Batman images to use as a guide for your own illustrations, drawing them from scratch, etc.

  • Batman Fan Art

With these Batman silhouette vectors, you can create our own Batman fan art! Use any one of these Batman silhouettes as a guide, and take whatever notes and observations you can from them to apply to your own masterpieces.

  • DIY Batman Sticker Set

Download “Batman Logo Silhouettes,” shove some sticker paper into the printer, and then print away!

So there you have it! But don’t you forget now. Check out these Batman silhouettes, and download them for our own slice of Gotham.

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