Fire tattoos is one of the most common choice of tattoo design for men for the various meaning it symbolizes, which is mainly personal. If your interest for fire designs is what brought you here, then disappointment will be the last thing you’ll get. Be amazed by our compilation of downloadable and printable fire tattoos, and dare not leave without downloading your personal choice before hitting the tattoo parlor.

These downloadable Tattoo Designs are in JPG, PSD and AI Illustrator for editing purposes and easy printing.

Phoenix Fire Tattoo

Phoenix Fire Tattoo


Love Fire Tattoo

Love Fire Tattoo


Skull and Fire Tattoo

Skull and Fire Tattoo


Fire Flame Tattoo Design

Fire Flame Tattoo Design


Regardless of the reason why you want a tattoo, the only important thing is to bear in mind that it should be what you want and hold on to that solid decision. Do not mind what other people would think of you. If you’re on board with its philosophy, then go your own way. Make it a great and creative one!

  • Rebirth

If you’re drawn toward the symbolic Phoenix, then you’ve surely enjoyed the “Phoenix Fire Tattoo”. This is one of the popular choices that men go for for its various meaning and relation to the mythical story about it.

  • Eternal Flame

Do you want to dedicate your skin art to your significant other? Then show that flaming love for them by getting their name inked along with the “Love Fire Tattoo”.

  • Embracing Immortality

Skull symbolizes embracing the soul’s immortality . If this is what you like to go for, then “Skull and Fire Tattoo” should have impressed you.

  • Fire From Within

If it’s going to be your first tattoo and if you are still hesitant in getting one in a larger scale, then you can always start small in not so common areas of your body like the ones we have in our “Fire Tattoo for Women”.


You can check out how these designs are conceptualized first, and you can choose from there as well with our Tattoo Illustration Designs listing.

Fox Fire Tattoo

Fox Fire Tattoo


Being Objective

You can never go wrong about the fire design as this symbol screams strong desire and passion. This is a great symbol to represent your persona in an art form . So, regardless of the reason why you wan a tattoo, you’ll never go wrong with symbolic ones that are true to your ideals.


  • Scouring for designs that speak of you or the personal thoughts that you want to convey through skin art is the best thing to do, especially for newbies. This way you will be able to commit yourself to it and come up with a solid decision.
  • Getting inked is no easy choice. The decision phase, first of all, is the hardest part. But, the bright side about going through it is that you are getting to know yourself in a much deeper level as well.


So, have you made up your mind about which design from our list you’re going to use? If so, then go right ahead and download the image file for reference or to collect in your folder for inspiration. The files are in JPG, PSD and AI Illustrator for easy saving, editing and printing.

In addition, if you want more cool tattoo designs such as the 3D style, then go check our 3D Butterfly Tattoos Designs listing as well.

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