So you really need a refresher for your freehand skills. Do you also need some inspiration to get out of the creative rut you seem to have found yourself in? Do you want a change of pace from all the techniques, approaches, and methods that you’ve gotten used to?

Maybe you can find you can find what you’re looking for in this collection of 9+ elegant tattoo drawings. These tattoo sketches come in a varied array of designs, so yes, it’s not just a bunch of Cute Drawings. They are also available for JPG download. So stick around and keep on browsing to get the link for your ink!

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Angel Tattoo Drawing


Skull Tattoo Drawing


Rose Tattoo Drawing


Chest Tattoo Drawing


Tattoo Drawings Inked Differently

As you can see in our collection of tattoo drawings, these are not just a bunch of variations of the tasteless barbed-wired heart with the “I love Mom” banner. There’s quite a range of designs drawn in various art styles, each from a unique artist and his unique perspective. Here, you have the following tattoo drawing designs:

  • Flowery Ambition

Flower Drawings are no stranger to being embellishments to various tattoos (yes, shocker, I know). Sometimes they are used to add to an existing design; other times, they are part of the main design as a sort of metaphoric expression (more on this later); and other times, they are their own standalone design because why not? You can see different floral depictions in “Skull Tattoo Drawing,” “Rose Tattoo Drawing,” “Chest Tattoo Drawing,” “Sleeve Tattoo Drawing,” “Flower Tattoo Drawing,” and “Clock Tattoo Drawing.”

  • Symbolic, Figurative

Like any art form, tattoos also mean to convey a certain message. In “Skull Tattoo Drawing,” perhaps that message is that death is beautiful. On the other hand, “Music Tattoo Drawing” may mean that music completes a person or feeds his soul.

  • Just Because

Then there are those that are tatted onto the skin because . . . no reason really. “Angel Tattoo Drawing,” “Tribal Tattoo Drawing,” and “Dragon Tattoo Drawing” could be a few of them.

Sleeve Tattoo Drawing


Music Tattoo Drawing


Flower Tattoo Drawing


Clock Tattoo Drawing


How-To’s with These Tattoo Drawings

At this point, you probably already agree that this collection of tattoo drawings is more than just a bunch of doodles and Cartoon Drawings. Also considering the incredible quality of each image, you’ve probably already thought of a few different ways to make use of them. But if you haven’t, here are some suggestions:

  • Tattoo Design Ideas

With a collection of tattoo drawings, the first obvious, no-brainer use for each tattoo sketch would be inspiration for what you want to permanently be a part of your skin.

  • Display Photo

If you’re smack dab in the middle of your emo phase (we’ve all been there), you might like something a bit understated, “chewable” for your Facebook timeline viewing audience. A little number like “Angel Tattoo Drawing” could do well as your next profile picture. You could also use “Clock Tattoo Drawing” as the featured image for your next Tumblriffic post about time being of the essence or something.

  • Logo Design Inspiration

If you’re getting your business in order, say, you’re setting up a gaming shop, perhaps something like “Dragon Tattoo Drawing” will make for a great logo.


So there you have it! Tattoo drawings just for you! Download or not, know that you won’t regret going with the former. So go ahead and check out those links!

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