What is it about skulls that attract not only those practicing the goth lifestyles or those that identify themselves as living the “thug life” but even the normal populace? Perhaps it’s appeal lies in its morbidity which makes it deviate from what is considered the “norm”. Maybe it’s in the skull’s association with the mystical and the demonic. Whatever the reason that makes skull vectors popular, it doesn’t change the fact that they are.

Scroll down our list and choose from the array of amazing skull vectors. However, if living creatures are more your style, check out our Animal Vectors listing instead.

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Polygonal Skull Vector


Skull Side Vector

Dead Sugar Skull Vector

Human Skulls Vector



Different Skull Vector Styles

  • Colors of the Rainbow

A non-optional treat for Mexico’s celebration of the Day of the Dead, sugar skull candy are also quite colorful and fun to look at–the complete opposite of what you’d expect during a day commemorating lifeless corpses. They’re great additions for a scrapbook, though, and are definitely download-worthy.

  • Realistic Skull Outlines

The skull is one part of a human’s bone structure that, when drawn, requires the sketching in of so many details–the eye sockets, the jawbone, the teeth and even the nose cavities. For a living person, it provides the basic foundation of the face. Looking at the skull is what it means to truly look at a human naked. Study a bit of anatomy by downloading one of these realistic skull outlines and learn a little more about yourself.

  • Wicked and Horned

When it comes to drawings of skulls, the words “evil”, “wicked” and “demon” are never far off from anyone’s thoughts. To give some cruel sort of life to those thoughts, some of these skulls have been drawn with horns. This makes them perfect for that Hallow’s Eve poster or decoration that you might be planning.


For more options, have a stroll through Free Vector Art gallery.

Skull Silhouette Vector

Skull Head Vector

Wicked Skull Vector


Skull Outline Vector


Ideas on How to Use These Skull Vector

  • Skin Art Inspiration

Skull drawings are popular tattoo designs. For a cool, edgy and touch-me-not vibe, grab one of the more wicked-looking ones, print them out and show them to your tattoo artist.

  • Logos

Are you one of the key members of a rock band? Do you design posters for a bar? Are you coming up with a recipe for an extremely spicy sauce? You won’t go wrong if you build your logo around one of these skull vectors.

  • Presentation Decor

Science projects, as well as science reports, can be really drab. If you’re researching or preparing a presentation about anatomy or bone structure for a science class, make sure your classmates don’t yawn by grabbing one of these skull vectors to give them something to pay attention to.

  • Drawing Reference

Art needs to be practiced in order for the artist to perfect the craft. A good portrait will need the foundation of some anatomy know-how. Download one of our realistic skull outlines as a reference.


All these vectors are available in EPS, PNG, JPG, and SVG formats. They are downloadable and ready for you to customize. So what are you waiting for? Download them now! In case these aren’t for you, click on this link for a choice of Human Vectors.

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