What do you think of when you read or hear the word tiger? Perhaps your mind will immediately conjure up an image of one running after and killing their prey, instilling a spine-tingling and chilling fear in you. But aside from all that morbidity, I suppose the consensus would be: strong, fast, and agile. With those attributes, I’m not surprised why several companies and sports teams who want to project the same image opt for the image of a tiger in their logo.

If you, my friend, are on the same boat, you’re gonna want to check out this collection of 9+ Elegant Tiger Logo Designs. These Free Logo Designs also come in JPG, PNG, Vector EPS, AI Illustrator, etc. formats.

Tiger Football Logo

Tiger Football Logo

Tiger Head Logo Design

Tiger Eye Logo Design

Black and White Tiger Logo

Black and White Tiger Logo

Sports Tiger Logo Design

Multi Purpose Tiger Logo

Tiger Logo Designs 5 Ways

As you can see in this collection of Tiger Logos, we have made available for you quite a number of distinct tiger logo designs. Check out the more detailed list below to read on short descriptions of the variants. (Or you can check out these Animal Logos instead for a wider variety!)

  • Sporty – Even if you don’t follow any particular sports team, I bet you’re already familiar with the go-to look of their logos. Usually involves the ball or whatever other equipment that’s singular to that sport, an image of a roaring animal, and some fire on the side. You can get that in “Tiger Football Logo,” “Sports Tiger Logo Design,” “Tiger Roar Logo,” and “Gold Tiger Logo Design.”
  • Tiger Head – You get quite a detailed number with all the zigs and zags in “Tiger Head Logo Design.”
  • Silhouette – “Black and White Tiger Logo” and “Wild Tiger Logo Design” both offer a different take on the humble silhouette but still display the power of the featured feline.
  • Outline – Kind of channeling the look of a certain known sportswear brand is “Royal Tiger Logo Design.”
  • Cute – Then there’s the unexpected little number in “Funny Tiger Logo.” Quite a relief to see a more docile version, yeah?

Funny Tiger Logo

Angry Tiger Logo


Tiger Logo Design Takeaways

Apart from the tiger Logo Designs themselves, you get to take the following few pointers:

  • Lines Create Drama and Motion – As you can see in “Tiger Head Logo Design,” the opting for zigzags, continuous diagonal lines, gave the illustration a whole new look as compared to when the softer curvy lines are used. The zigzags made the tiger look more powerful, a creature to be feared. You can also see how the diagonal line played into the illustration of the jumping tiger in “Royal Tiger Logo Design.” It created the picture of the feline mid-motion.
  • Colors Attract and Give a Sense of Urgency – If you’ve noticed in any of the tiger logo designs in this collection, there is a prevalence in the warm tones. Reds and oranges are perfect in grabbing your attention and creating a sense of urgency.
  • Make Sure All Elements Go Together – Make this a cardinal design rule. Make sure that your choices in typeface, colors, and images all go together and blend in seamlessly with each other. If you don’t, it’s easy to botch the original genius idea that would have been perfect had it been executed properly.

So there you have it! Your tiger logo designs as templates or for inspiration gleaning. Feel free to check out the links and download!

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