There are certain industries and business that cater just to the young parents. If the parents are working, then it starts with a daycare where the baby can be left during the day. Once the kid grows up, but not enough, the kid ends up in a kindergarten for most of the morning hours.You may also see School Brochure Designs.

For these kindergartens to attract the potential customers, it is important for to present themselves in a way that a parent would feel comfortable entrusting the kid to them. That can be done using brochures or flyers to promote and advertise. In this article, you will find a bunch of templates and PSD mockups of creative kindergarten brochures that you, as a graphic designer, can download and customize and present to a kindergarten for sending them out.You may also see Trifold Brochures.

Elegant Kindergarten Learning Brochure

This is a simple yet elegant design of a bi-fold kindergarten brochure. It just shows the cover page of the design by Pip Rolton. The design uses a child-like font to stick to the theme of the design. Download

Editorial Kindergarten Brochure Design

This is a tri-fold brochure design for a school project. You can see how the use of cartoons and other vector graphics look natural to the theme, just like the animated tree. Download

Highly Customizable Brochure Template

This is a professional design for a daycare and kindergarten brochure. The brilliant and sophisticated design is available in both A4 and US letter size. The content is completely editable with a bunch of designs to pick from. Check out the link below. Download

Kindergarten Tri Fold Brochure

This is another tri-fold brochure template available in the same size as the above. The text is presented in a rough brush script to look like a kid’s writing. The images are placed on different layers and will let you edit things in just a few clicks. Download

Kindergarten School Brochure

This is a simple and unique looking brochure design that can be used for multiple purposes related to events for kids, or schools and kindergartens. Check it out on CreativeMarket.You may also see Bifold Brochure Mockups. Download

High Resolution Kindergarten Brochure Design

This brochure design uses brilliant cartoons and hand-drawn doodles which can be used on various stationary related to a kids’ daycare, kindergarten cards, banners, posters, etc. Download

Private Kindergarten Brochure Design

This is a professional and flawless PSD template for advertising a school’s farm party. But it can still be used to other kids’ related events and functions. The design is set at 300 dpi and CMYK color mode. Download

Kindergarten Photorealistic Brochure Template

If you want to design a poster or an event for the kids’ summer camp then just download this copy from CreativeMarket and save your hours of work. Download

A5 Menu Brochure of Kindergarten

A kindergarten will need a cafeteria to serve food to all the young kids. And for that, you will need a menu. Here is a menu which will look brilliant in any kids’ cafeteria. Set in a simple design, the use of colors and blocks really accentuate the design along with the quirky childlike typeface. Download

Bi Fold Kindergarten Brochure

This is an amazing bi-fold brochure design for kindergarten that uses many happy images of kids put together along with minimal meaningful text spaced out evenly in the design. Download

Kindergarten Parent Brochure Design


Simple Kindergarten Brochure Template


Transitional Kindergarten Brochure Design


Child Day-Care Brochure Template


Kid Learning Brochure Template


Child Care & Preschool Brochure Template


Kindergarten Tri Fold Brochure Template


Kindergarten Book Design Brochure


Smart Layered Kindergarten Brochure


Branded Design Kids Education Brochure


Kindergarten Half Fold Brochure


Is it important to note that many of these designs try to keep to the theme of kids even though it is the adults looking at the designs. With the use of cartoons and child-like typography, the design gives out the message that the place will be kids friendly and natural to the liking of the kids. In case your client is requesting such a design, then just scroll through the article and pick a design that suits best to your requirements and needs.

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